Clinical-Translational Research Advisory Committee

The Clinical-Translational Research Advisory Committee (CTRAC) was initiated in May 2004 to develop mechanisms and systems to strengthen clinical and translational research across the School of Medicine (SOM) and its affiliates. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how clinical research can impact evolving threats to human health and has provided important lessons on how institutional coordination and support can increase the safety, quality, and efficiency of clinical research. As the SOM emerges into the post-pandemic era, CTRAC will assemble leaders in clinical research from within the SOM in a monthly forum to advise SOM leadership on the best approaches to lowering barriers to the conduct of clinical research, facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations in clinical research across the Anschutz Medical Campus, reducing gaps in existing clinical research resources, and ensuring efficient utilization of clinical research resources on the campus.  Clinical departments in the SOM with established clinical research programs and affiliated centers/institutes that focus on clinical research are invited to nominate faculty members to sit on the CTRAC. Members will be expected to represent the interests and needs of faculty from their department or program/center related to clinical research. Members will also be expected to provide regular communications to their departments about the work of CTRAC and to obtain frequent feedback and suggestions from their faculty.

Committee Membership

Chair: Tom Campbell, MD, SOM Associate Dean for Clinical Research


  • Jeanelle Sheeder, MPH, MSPH
  • Gregory Forlenza, MD
  • Chris Gignoux, PhD
  • Nathan Clendenen, MD, MS
  • Marie Wood, MD
  • Martin McCarter, MD
  • Thomas Flaig, MD
  • Janine Higgins, PhD
  • Enrique Alvarez, MD, PhD
  • Marc Bonaca, MD
  • Bruce Kaplan MD
  • David R. Howell, PhD, ATC

Ex officio member: Peter Buttrick, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Research Affairs

Ad hoc members: Individuals with specific expertise and/or leadership roles on the AMC will be invited as needed.

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