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Track Director
Marsha Anderson, MD
Assistant Dean for Longitudinal Curriculum
Office Phone: 720-777-6877
Email: .

Track Coordinator
Mary McGinnis
Office Phone: 303-724-1080

Research Track

The Research Track serves the dual purpose of fulfilling students' Mentored Scholarly Activity​ requirement.​​ The SOM Research Track provides students with in-depth long-term exposure to research. This is an open and competitive program for all first-year medical students. Students admitted to the program will:

  • Work with a mentor to build a research plan
  • Carry out that plan through their four years of medical school
  • Complete 4 weeks of full-time research (with a stipend) over the summer between the Preclerkship year (year 1) and the Clerkship year (LIC, year 2)
  • Complete 2-3 research electives (up to 2 qualify for a stipend) during the last ~15 months of medical school
  • Have multiple opportunities to present their findings
  • Present their research at the Western Student Medical Research Forum in Carmel California
  • Present their research at a national meeting in their specialty
  • Submit a first-author manuscript prior to residency
  • Present their research as a poster during the 4th year medical school Capstone event

Research Track Goals

  • Graduates will have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be lifelong, self-directed learners.
  • Foster student development of an identity as a physician capable of being involved with and completing research efforts.
  • Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the components of a research project including:
    • Identification of a health care related scientific questions
    • Participation in data collection and analysis
    • Oral dissemination of scientific information
    • Written dissemination of scientific information

For Students Considering Applying to Research Track

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