Career Exploration

Current students can requests additional experiences by submitting an official request to the Office of Student Life. 
Approval Process Upon receipt of the Clinical experience form, the faculty member will receive an automated email noting the following information: 

  • Student name 
  • Student year 
  • Date of experience 
  • Location of experience 
  • Developmentally staged information around student skills and abilities, as well as supervision needs 

A request to the faculty member to confirm availability and interest in having the student participate. (It is recommended that students reach out to faculty members before submitting the clinical experience request form. Once the submitted information is confirmed, The Office of Student Life will inform the faculty and student that the experience has been approved.

Office of Student Life Contact Information 

Mailing address: 13001 East 17th Place, Mail Stop C292, Aurora, CO  80045
Location: Building 500, First Floor, Room N1219 ​
Phone: 303-724-6407

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