Assessment, Evaluations, and Outcomes

Mission Statement

To create a data-driven culture that promotes growth and improvement of educational programs and individual students. 

The Team

Tai Lockspeiser, MD, MHPE 
Assistant Dean of Assessment,
Evaluation, and Outcomes 
Rachael Tan, PhD 
Director of Assessment,
Evaluation, and Outcomes 
Erin Broening 
Wendy Christensen, PhD 
Sheilah Jiménez
Curriculum Research Assistant
Sean Marshall, MA
Outcomes Program Manager
Jonathan Menke
Assessment Specialist
Susan Peth 
Evaluation Program Manager 
Marisha Roberts
AEO Coordinator

AEO Annual Retreat March 2024 Benson Hotel Aurora Colorado

AEO group photo 9 people standing in front of a water painting

LCME | Liaison Committee on Medical Education 

The Assessment, Evaluations, and Outcomes (AEO) office directly monitors accreditation requirements related to assessment and evaluation. AEO reports monthly to the Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC) which is charged to oversee, guide, evaluate, recommend changes, and ensure changes are implemented for all curricular aspects of the MD degree.

Accredited in 1938, University of Colorado School of Medicine is preparing for reaccreditation in March 2025.  For more information visit CUSOM Reaccreditation

1.1 Strategic Planning and Continuous Quality Improvement, 2.6 Functional Integration of the Faculty, 3.2 Community of Scholars/Research Opportunities, 3.5 Learning Environment/Professionalism, 3.6 Student Mistreatment,  4.4 Feedback to Faculty, 5.5 Resources for Clinical Instruction, 5.9 Information Resources/Staff, 6 Competencies, Curricular Objectives, and Curricular Design, 7 Curricular Content, 8 Curriculum Management, Evaluation and Enhancement, 10.3 Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination 10.5 Technical Standards

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