Student Data Advisory Committee (SDAC)

Any research study involving medical students as subjects must be approved BOTH by COMIRB and the Student Data Advisory Committee (SDAC). This committee is composed of representatives from the University of Colorado, School of Medicine Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Outcomes, the Office of Student Life, and the Office of Medical Education, as well as an appointed student representatives from each class. This group will review any proposed research to answer the following questions:

  • Are students’ identities appropriately protected?
  • Does this study align with SOM curricular goals?
    • Will we be able to see the results of the study with particular interest on the CUSOM specific data as that could influence curricular decisions we make?
  • Is this a well-done and scientifically sound study?
  • How important is this study considering the large number of requests that we get?
  • Is this an okay time for a survey to be sent to students considering other requirements, especially other required surveys such as the AAMC GQ?

SDAC will also determine the best approach to sending out the survey/research request to students.  The options include:

  • Send to students through weekly SDAC digest
  • Send as individual email from SDAC with message from the researcher
    • For this option, the researcher must be CUSOM faculty AND the topic must be directly relevant to improving education here at CUSOM.  In addition, studies that may be difficult to recruit for within the digest.
  • Embed in course evaluations/End of Phase surveys

For individuals interested in doing educational research involving medical students as subjects please send your research protocol and survey to  This should be done prior to submission to COMIRB although you can just send us the documents you intend to submit to COMIRB.  We will review the proposal and respond to you within 1 week of receipt of the request.  

SDAC also reviews requests for access to current student data that resides in the Student Data Warehouse to ensure that we are following all FERPA guidelines and protecting our students.  If you are interested in any student data please reach out to the email.  

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Tai Lockspeiser, MD, MHPE, Assistant Dean of Assessment, Evaluation, and Outcomes –  

Assessment, Evaluation, and Outcomes Mission: Create a data-driven culture that promotes growth and improvement of students, faculty, curricula, and the learning environment.

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