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The University of Colorado School of Medicine places a high value on professionalism and institutional citizenship. As outlined in the Rules of the School of Medicine, members of the faculty are expected to demonstrate a sincere interest in the welfare of students, residents, patients, and colleagues and to participate actively in departmental meetings, conferences, teaching exercises and other programs. Faculty members are also expected to serve as models of professionalism, exhibiting a commitment to service, honesty, lifelong learning, and open and respectful communication. These attributes and behaviors are critical to the missions of the School of Medicine and will be considered during annual performance, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure reviews.

All faculty members with teaching responsibilities are expected to review relevant teaching expectations, the Teacher-Learner Agreement, which outlines the guiding principles for ensuring a positive climate for learning. This Agreement, along with school’s curriculum objectives, the student supervision policy, Mistreatment and the Learning Environment website and other important resources related to faculty teaching obligations are available at: Teaching & Learning Policies and Guidelines .

Residents and Fellows are an integral part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and play an essential role in teaching and assessing our students. This web portal provides you easy access to essential information to help you succeed as an educator at CUSOM. Thank you!

All residents and fellows who teach and/or assess MD students must be trained in advance on the following Teaching Materials

             Medical Education Program Objectives
             Assessment and Grading Education
             Teaching, Supervision and Assessment

LCME References:
1.2 Conflict of Interest Policies
3.1 Resident Participation in Medical Student Education
4 Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation, and Policies
9 Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety

Trek Policies and Procedures comprises all MD student policies. 


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