School of Medicine Curriculum

The School of Medicine curriculum is divide‚Äčd into four phases: the Essentials Core, the Clinical Core. Woven through all phases are four threads that integrate over-arching topics into the curriculum: Culturally Effective Medicine; Evidence-Based Medicine and Medical Informatics; Humanities, Ethics, & Professionalism; and Medicine & Society.

In addition, the Mentored Scholarly Activity program, which provides students with the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on a project of mutual interest, extends through all four years. The Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum extends through Phases I-III and emphasizes a humanistic approach to medical care while teaching and evaluating students’ basic communication and physical examination skills. Students also have the option of participating in tracks across the four phases that offer activities and support for faculty and students with similar interests. These tracks are research, rural, and global health.

Please note: The School of Medicine’s Curriculum is currently undergoing reform. Please visit this page for more information on how curriculum will look for the 2025 student class and beyond.

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