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​​The University of Colorado School of Medicine was the first medical school in the United States to have a student honor code in place. Since at least 1908 the honor code has provided both a philosophy and a set of rules that requires medical students and their peers to hold each other accountable for their actions. Its aims are to instill and maintain ethical and honest behavior in medical students and to create an institution where unethical and dishonest behaviors do not exist. From those early beginnings the Honor Code and Honor Council have evolved into the present highly successful system. This system, which confers many responsibilities as well as freedoms upon students, strives to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect among all members of the campus and medical community.

The Honor Code of the University of Colorado School of Medicine states that students must not lie, cheat, steal, take unfair advantage of others, nor tolerate students who engage in these behaviors. For more information, refer to the Medical Student Honor Code document, contact the honor council at SOM.HonorCode@ucdenver.edu​, or contact one of the honor council representatives.




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Mailing address: 13001 East 17th Place, Mail Stop C292, Aurora, CO  80045
Location: Building 500, First Floor, Room N1219 ​
Phone: 303-724-6407

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