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Phone: 303-724-6407

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Section 1: Ensuring a Climate for Learning-This section focuses on how we treat each other in order to create a climate that supports learning by all, including our Teacher-Learner Agreement, lapses in enacting this agreement, absence and evaluation obligations.

Section 2: Curriculum Structure & Leadership This section provides a brief overview of all four phases of the curriculum, the committees and people involved, and how students are represented at every level.

Section 3:  Promotions, Advancement, Grading, Graduation  This section describes the Student Promotions Committee role in monitoring student promotion and advancement, as well as Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), leave of absences, and standards for advancement and graduation. This section also provides tables to help guide a student in understanding policies governing grading and remediation

Section 4: Other Educational Policies This section combines a variety of policies, including student privacy, clinical requirements, malpractice, workers’ compensation and health insurance, and guidelines for shadowing and other clinical experiences.

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