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Plains Pre-clerkship Curriculum

Plains Year Schedule  6-24

The Trek Curriculum embraces a mountaineering theme, which provides geographical context as our campuses are nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and offer amazing opportunities to explore and discover on your path to becoming an outstanding, well-rounded physician. Throughout the Trek Curriculum the three curricular pillars; Medical Science, Clinical Science, and Health & Society, are integrated in numerous ways, dependent upon your phase—Plains (Pre-clerkship Phase I), Foothills (Clerkship Phase II), and Alpine & Summit (Post-clerkship Phase III). The foundational concepts of all three pillars are interwoven and presented to students during their first year of medical school, the Plains.

The Plains is a 52 week curriculum that is organized around body systems and divided into 10 courses which range from 3-6 weeks in length. Throughout those 52 weeks you will experience an integrated curriculum that includes 5 Traverse weeks. Each week is organized around a chief concern presentation, which will provide context for the Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Health & Society pillars to be framed within the patient experience. At the end of each week there will be time set aside to assess the skills you have learned throughout that week, which will provide students with valuable feedback based on their understanding of the material and will ultimately assist them in setting learning goals for subsequent weeks. The curriculum invites students to openly engage, actively learn, and self-assess throughout this first year to develop a solid foundation to build upon in the Foothills, where students will utilize and apply their experience and understanding throughout longitudinally integrated clerkships.

The Plains year will develop students’ knowledge and skills to provide effective, equitable patient-centered care through our shared values of leadership, curiosity, and commitment. We are excited for students to join us on this Trek, where the University of Colorado School of Medicine aims to educate physician leaders who are curious, life-long learners with a commitment to serve the profession, our patients, and society.


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Our graduates will be physician leaders capable of transforming the health of diverse communities.


Through a longitudinally integrated curriculum, we aim to educate physician leaders who are curious, life-long learners with a commitment to serve the profession, our patients,and society.


Leadership. Curiosity. Commitment.

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