Trails (Non-Clinical) Leadership Development

Trails utilize common learning concepts in leadership, curiosity, and commitment to prepare students to be change agents in a given context. 

Trails should: 

  • Play to CUSOM institutional and faculty strengths (now and future)​ 
  • Play to CUSOM student strengths​ 
  • Offer area of concentration and possibility of dual degree/certificate for students​ 
  • Capture at least 10% of the student body​ 

Structure of Trails: 

  • 8 weeks during Alpine phase 
    • Two 2-week Trail immersions
    • 4-week selective/electives 
  • Requirements can overlap with other curricular requirements (e.g. MSA) 
  • Common Trail requirements 
  • Combination of asynchronous and scheduled activities 
Trails List
Bioethics & Humanities
Medical Education
Health Systems & Community Leadership
One Health (Fort Collins Branch) 
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