Trek student schedule

Trek Curriculum

The CUSOM Trek curriculum is an ambitious redesign that reconceives the order in which we teach, while building on our many strengths. The curriculum will focus on the values of leadership, curiosity, and commitment while integrating basic science learning to coincide with clinical training cycles. It emphasizes understanding health systems, it requires leadership and teamwork training, and it reconfigures training in clinical settings so that students progress through longitudinal patient care instead of learning in isolated blocks.

The full new curriculum launched July 2021 with the arrival of our class of 2025. The update of our curriculum is a process that has engaged close to 600 faculty, staff, and students and has been developed in an ongoing process since October 2017.

Please note: The School of Medicine’s Curriculum has undergone reform. Please visit this page for more information on how curriculum looks for the 2025 student class and beyond.

Trek Curriculum Schedule

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trek curriculum diagram