graphic of alpine summit mapAlpine-Summit Post-Clerkship

Alpine-Summit Phase Goal: Through a highly tailored curriculum guided by an individual learning plan developed in conjunction with their coach, students will: deepen their knowledge and skills as well-rounded physicians-in-training, choose and prepare for their residency, and enhance their ability to positively transform the health of their future community beyond their direct clinical practice. ​ 

Alpine-Summit components include: 

All components are supported by an Individualized Learning Plan. 

The individualized portion of the Trek Curriculum, the Alpine and Summit post-clerkship phase allows students to forge their own path and explore their interests. Through a highly tailored curriculum, students will develop and select an individual learning plan in conjunction with their COMPASS Guide and specialty advisor. In order to accomplish these goals during the Alpine and Summit phase, students will complete an individualized learning plan that includes:  

  • A required Acting Internship 
  • A required Critical Care experience  
  • At least 24 weeks of electives tailored to their interests  
  • Two individualized Integrated Science courses  
  • A flexible, longitudinal outpatient preceptorship experience 

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Trails (Non-Clinical) Leadership Development

Trails utilize common learning concepts in leadership, curiosity, and commitment to prepare students to be change agents in a given context. 

Trails should: 

  • Play to CUSOM institutional and faculty strengths (now and future)​ 
  • Play to CUSOM student strengths​ 
  • Offer area of concentration and possibility of dual degree/certificate for students​ 
  • Capture at least 10% of the student body​ 

Structure of Trails: 

  • 8 weeks during Alpine phase 
    • Two 2-week Trail immersions
    • 4-week selective/electives 
  • Requirements can overlap with other curricular requirements (e.g. MSA) 
  • Common Trail requirements 
  • Combination of asynchronous and scheduled activities 
Trails List
Bioethics & Humanities
Medical Education
Health Systems & Community Leadersihp
Health One* (*Fort Collins Branch) 

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