Welcome to the Advanced Science Courses!

The SOM (School of Medicine) Advanced Science Courses (ASCs), also known as Advanced Integrated Science Courses, will occur in the fall semester of year four (Alpine-Summit). The ASCs will cover topics in advanced biomedical and clinical science concepts from content in each course.

The four Advanced Science Courses are: 

  • Advanced Immunology 
  • Advanced Neurosciences 
  • Cardiology Connections  
  • Global Health and Underserved Populations  

Goals and values of Advanced Science Courses: 

  • Utilize advanced science concepts in advancing the care for patients 
  • Engage in authentic advanced clinical experiences 
  • Explain advanced Health & Society concepts in the context of advanced clinical patients 

Advanced Science Courses will: 

  • Offer flexibility and individualization for students  
  • Overlap with USMLE Step 1 learning and preparation 
  • Balance longitudinal relationships with breadth of new advanced clinical exposures 
  • Offer authentic and applicable experiences 
  • Provide spaced, interleaved learning 

Advanced Science Courses Orientation

Advanced Science Course Director Welcome Videos 


Learn more about the ASC Capstone Project Guidelines.

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