Ben Eiseman Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Each year, the Medical Student Surgical Society honors an outstanding surgical faculty member, awarding the Ben Eiseman, MD, Award for Excellence in Student Education and Mentorship to a surgeon at one of CU's teaching hospitals. Dr. Ben Eiseman is remembered for his many great accomplishments. He was the founding Chief of Surgery at Denver General Hospital, a tropical medicine physician, an ambassador for American surgery, as well as an accomplished mountaineer and co-founder of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association trail system. Dr. Eiseman was well known as a devoted educator and mentor. 

Nominated by current medical students, this year's recipient is described as an outstanding mentor in surgery who makes time to teach and is always cognizant of his team members. He actively seeks opportunities to involve medical students in patient care and demonstrates unparalleled professionalism both intra- and inter-departmentally. His dedication to excellent patient care, attention to surgical technique, and teaching are truly unrivaled. Most notable is his bedside manner, where his respect for the patient and genuine empathy for their condition really shines. Through his efforts, he is fostering an environment of community, education, and excellence. 

Congratulations to this year's recipient of the Ben Eiseman Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: David Campbell, MD

 Past recipients of the Ben Eiseman, MD, Surgical Faculty Teaching Excellence Award:

      • 2002-2003                   Mark Nehler, MD
      • 2003-2004                   Frederick Grover, Sr., MD
      • 2004-2005                   Thomas A. Whitehill, MD
      • 2005-2006                   Martin McCarter, MD
      • 2006-2007                   Thomas Robinson, MD
      • 2007-2008                   Christopher Raeburn, MD
      • 2008-2009                   Joshua Goldberg, MD
      • 2009-2010                   Brett Reece, MD
      • 2010-2011                   Johathan Schoen, MD
      • 2011-2012                   Carlton Barnett Jr., MD
      • 2012-2013                   Robert Stovall, MD
      • 2013-2014                   Paul Montero, MD
      • 2014-2015                   Fredric Pieracci, MD
      • 2015-2016                   Robert Meguid, MD
      • 2016-2017                   Ana Gleisner, MD, PhD
      • 2017-2018                   Clay Cothren Burlew, MD
      • 2018-2019                   Tiffany Willard, MD
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