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Transforming Lives

The CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center was founded by two of Colorado’s most visionary organizations: The Anschutz Foundation and the University of Colorado. Bringing together a state-of-the-art facility with academic researchers, scientists and clinicians, integrated in one facility for wellness and weight management programs. Our scientific, evidence-based weight management and wellness strategies extend beyond the walls of the center, to provide meaningful impact within the local community, transforming lives every step of the way.



  • Exceed your goals with exercise physiology and personal training experts
  • Experience the latest fitness innovations
  • Over 35 weekly group exercise classes
  • Technologically advanced equipment and programming

Weight Loss

Weight Management

  • Evidence based use of weight loss medications and endoscopic bariatric procedures
  • Create measurable change with sustainable results
  • Explore integrated, personalized programs and consultations with our clinicians, registered dietitians, and licensed psychologist

Wellness Programs

  • Effectively manage the impact of stress and anxiety
  • Understand your body’s composition
  • Discover the connection between mind and body
  • Programming including Well-Being Programs for Work Teams, Community Nutrition Services, BfitBwell Cancer Exercise Program



  • Learn from industry-leading nutrition and obesity researchers
  • Prevent disease with our interdisciplinary scientific approach
  • Participate in innovative nutrition, physical activity, weight management, and wellness research
  • Campus and community collaborations