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Understand Your Body Composition and Metabolism

Knowing your body’s composition and metabolism will give you what you need to optimize your diet and achieve success in any weight-loss plan. You and our experts will have the critical information needed to structure your program and monitor your results. When it comes to weight loss, knowledge truly is power.

FibroScan® for Liver Health

FibroScan® is an ultrasound device used to assess liver health without invasive tools. Your doctor will be able to measure liver stiffness and liver fat stores quickly and painlessly. This assessment tool helps us diagnose fatty liver disease early, and it is ideal for those experiencing obesity and metabolic diseases such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

FIBROSCAN for liver health

Bod pod machine

BOD POD® Knows Your Body

The BOD POD® is a quick and easy scan that assesses your body composition. You’ll learn your body’s percentages of fat and fat-free mass and leave with a better understanding of how to set goals to increase your lean mass and lose fat. Select a nutrition education consultation to develop a comprehensive plan.

Don't Just Blame Your Metabolism

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories (energy) that your body uses at rest. At rest, your body still needs to support basic functions, such as heartbeat, breathing and maintaining body temperature.

But unlike other ways of estimating your RMR, we measure your individual metabolism directly. Our metabolic cart measures your caloric needs by assessing the amount of oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled, which determines calories expended. Once we know this, we can set specific daily calorie targets for weight loss.

Don't Blame Metabolism
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