The overarching goal of the CUSOM Dashfolio is to create a visual display of student performance to help students identify areas of strength and weakness and guide learning.

Given the amount of data in the Dashfolio, access is limited to specific individuals. For each student, the only individuals who can access their Dashfolio are:

  • Their individual COMPASS Guide (across all 4 years)
  • Their DOCS Coach (only during the 1st year)
  • Their LIC Director/Assistant Director (only during the 2nd year)
  • The Office of Student Life (access to all students)
  • The Trek Progress Committee (access to all students)

Other individuals including Course Directors, Content Directors, and Phase Deans do not have access to individual student data in the Dashfolio.

All the links below require a user to log-in with the VPN.

AEO Dashfolio Screenshot

To set up the VPN: You will need to download the VPN and follow instructions for installing it.

  • CU's Office of Information Technology VPN page is a helpful resource if you need to
    troubleshoot installing the VPN.
  • If you are still having problems, please contact the OIT
    Help Desk at 303-724-4357 or email oit-servicedesk@ucdenver.edu.
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