Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Core?

A Core is a School of Medicine (SOM) supported resource that provides high-end or specialized services to the research community. Services generally include access to equipment as well as technical support. While there is generally a fee for these services, the Cores are subsidized by the SOM in order to provide competitive pricing. To qualify as a Core, the services provided must have a broad user base.

Is a Core the same as a “campus shared resource”? If not, what is the difference?

A campus (shared) resource is a specialized service that does not currently have a broad user base, but which has the potential to develop into a full Core if the technology is embraced by the campus. Shared resources, like cores, are available to any investigator regardless of campus or school affiliation.

If I have a piece of equipment or a resource that I think would benefit the campus, what do I have to do to become a Core?

In general, we have asked the SOM Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to review the cores, specifically mandating that the services provided are sufficiently specialized, that there is a rationale for centralization, that there is a broad user base, and that there is a business plan in place to support the activities of the Core.

Is there an application process?

Programs on campus that feel they should be designated Cores can apply using the SmartSheet form. Your application will be reviewed by the Dean’s Research Advisory Committee, and a decision will be sent to you via email for additional information if necessary.

I would like to use the space I am already in for my Core. Does my space still “belong” to my department?

This is negotiable, as some Core services are closely linked to the activities of an individual research group. In general, Core space is handled differently in WebSpace than that assigned to individual units.

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Peter Buttrick, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Research Affairs 

Cody Rester
Research Lab and Facilities Liaison – Research Affairs


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