Individual Professional Conduct and Values Consultations

Through skills training we help faculty better manage conflict in the workplace and build their professional presence.”

Individuals can self-refer, or School of Medicine leaders (e.g., department chairs, division chiefs, program directors) can refer faculty and trainees for developmental conversations regarding professional relationships and presence. These discussions are not a form of discipline or meant to punitive. Rather, they are formative, collegial conversations to help individuals communicate and come across is a professional positive way aligned with our values. They are intended to reduce the likelihood of future formal allegations of unprofessional behavior.

The Process

  • Request a consultation.
  • Information gathering: Office of Faculty Relations will reach out to meet with the referring supervisor or self-referred trainee/faculty member to have an initial meeting for information gathering.
  • Action planning session: During the second meeting, Office of Faculty Relations staff will meet with the trainee/faculty member to develop an action plan and follow-up.  If the trainee/faculty member is referred by a supervisor, the action plan will be shared with the referring supervisor.
  • Follow-up sessions: Will be arranged between the Office of Faculty Relations staff and the trainee/faculty member to provide ongoing support, tools, and strategies.


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