Allegations of Unprofessional Behavior or Conduct

With compassion, equity, and support, our goal is to promote values-driven behavior in the workplace through tiered, standardized restorative action plans.”

The Office for Faculty Relations (OFR) receives allegations of unprofessional behavior or conduct through a variety of channels. OFR examines and manages all allegations, interprets policy, maintains a record of precedent, and ensures that the level assigned, and the performance improvement action, is appropriate.

The Process:

  • Individuals may complete the form or schedule an intake with OFR staff by sending an email to to report a concern related to unprofessional behavior or conduct of a School of Medicine faculty member.
  • Faculty Relations contacts individuals who make reports to gather additional information and determine if the concern is in scope, should be referred elsewhere, or does not meet criteria for School of Medicine action.
  • The Vanderbilt framework is used to determine the appropriate level of restorative action. An overview of the process is shown in the below table.



Level 1
Single incident, not
egregious, not

  • Meet with referring party: Obtain information, review for merit.
  • Meet with responding party, explore stressors, set expectations.
  • General communication back to referring party.
Level 2
>1 incident

Level 1 action plus:

  • Inform supervisor, obtain additional information.
    Behavior acknowledged by respondent. – Conduct & Values 
  • Recommend respondent participate in training + timeline.
  • Respondent e-mail agreed upon action plan + timeline w. 
    supervisor, cc’d Office of Faculty Relations (OFR).
    Behavior refuted by respondent
  • OFR vets allegation by meeting with at least one observing party 
    (limited inquiry).
  • Behavior confirmed: as per behavior acknowledged.
  • Behavior not confirmed: Bad faith reporting explored

Level 3
Persistent pattern
Single egregious

Level 1 action plus:

  • Inform supervisor, obtain additional information.

Behavior acknowledgedConduct & Values Contract

  • Action plan w/timeline co-created with respondent & OFR,
    approved by Personnel Affairs Committee (PAC), and sent to
    supervisor & chair.

Behavior refuted – Expanded Inquiry.

  • OFR vets allegation by meeting with ≥1 observing party and others
    who work with the respondent, provides summary of meetings to
    supervisor & PAC
  • Behavior confirmed: Action plan w/timeline approved by PAC, sent
    to supervisor & chair, and Letter of Expectation (LOE)
  • Behavior not confirmed: Bad faith reporting explored
Level 4
No change in

Level 3 action plus, if behavior acknowledged/confirmed:

  • Dept. Chair, Dean and relevant Senior Associate Dean informed.
  • Letter of Discipline: LOE elements with termination or other
    disciplinary action
  • No. of reports faculty acknowledge/confirmed and remediated.
  • No. of bad faith reporting by faculty
  • Actions taken
  • Recidivism


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