International Travel for Current GHT Students

To receive academic credit for International Travel, CUSOM students will need to complete the following 4 steps

STEP 1: Course Enrollment in Oasis

  • Log into Oasis and enroll in the appropriate elective. Please Note: Only Global Health Track students are allowed to do research abroad for credit. All other students may travel abroad for language immersion or clinical experience.
    • EMED 6630: Emergency Medicine in South Africa
      • Students enrolling in EMED 6630 must also enroll in the IDPT 6090 Mentored Scholarship II course to receive financial aid.
    • IDPT 6090: Mentored Scholarly II
      • Phase II Students in the GHT (whether working on a MSA Project domestically or international), who are not taking the South Africa elective, should ONLY enroll in IDPT 6090.
    • IDPT 8015: Global Health International Project
      • Students will undertake a global health project at an international site under the supervision of their designated mentor and local supervisors.
    • IDPT 8021: Costa Rice Spanish Immersion
      • This capstone Spanish immersion course in Costa Rica includes home stays, intensive language instruction and public health and community outreach activities in under-served communities. Student should be passionate about providing care to disadvantaged patients in the USA or abroad and committed to improving their Spanish language skill.
    • IDPT 8035: International Experiences
      • This course allows fourth year students to complete an international experience at an approved and vetted international site. The experience may include clinical work, language immersion, or a combination of both.
      • Please Note: Only Global Health Track students are allowed to do research abroad for credit. All other students may travel abroad for language immersion or clinical experience.

STEP 2: International Course Approval Form (DUE 90 DAYS PRIOR TO TRAVEL)

  • Complete the International Course Approval Form. Download the file, save, and edit the document.
    • Each student will need to provide supporting documentation about the program he/she will be working with. Details are listed in the form.
    • Group Travel: Students who are traveling with fellow students to the same location, documentation must be submitted individually.
    • Travel Advisories: See the Travel Advisories and Alerts section below.
  • Send completed form to: and


STEP 3: International Travel Canvas Module and Pre-Departure Quiz

  • Once Step 2 is completed, student will obtain access to the International Travel Canvas Module and Pre-Departure Quiz.
  • After completion of quiz, student should take a screen shot of their score and upload that image to document completion in Oasis. In addition, send screenshot to: and

STEP 4: Office of Global Education (OGE) Application (DUE 60 DAYS PRIOR TO TRAVEL)

  • Complete the Office of Global Education (OGE) Application.
    • Nicole Herrin, OGE Study Abroad Coordinator, will send the application once steps 1-3 are completed.
    • Per university policy, all students pursuing academic opportunities abroad must complete an application with the Office of Global Education. This application will ask for specific information about study site and activities, as well as a series of questions about the potential risks associated with location/study and how to mitigate these risks. Please take your time with the application and answer all questions thoroughly. It is important that you have consulted with your on-site contacts and resources including the U.S. State Department travel site prior to submitting the application.

           Deadline: DUE 60 DAYS PRIOR TO TRAVEL

Important Deadlines

90 days prior to elective – Course Director approval of the International Course Approval Form

60 days prior to elective – Must have University of Colorado Office of Global Education application completed

University-Sponsored International Travel and COVID-19 Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted international travel for CU Anschutz faculty, staff, and students. While complying with the Centers for Disease Control, State of Colorado, and University of Colorado regulations and policies (with respect to safety, social-distancing, and prevention), University-Sponsored Travel is subject to change at any time.

For more information about University-Sponsored Travel, refer to the CU Anschutz COVID-19 Updates and Resources website. Please note that school-sponsored international travel is decided by CU Anschutz Medical Campus Leadership.

The health and safety of our students remains our highest priority. As such, we are in close and consistent communication with university senior leadership regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on University-Sponsored Travel. If you have questions or concerns, please email:

For more information about international travel and COVID-19, see the CDC’s latest recommendations for travel outside the U.S.

Travel Advisories and Alerts

The university restricts student travel to countries with an International SOS medical or travel risk rating of extreme. Specifically, students are not permitted to travel to countries or areas within countries with an extreme rating. 

Student travel to locations with an International SOS medical or travel risk rating of high requires special review by the International Risk Management Committee (IRMC) and approval by the Provost, through an appeal process. 

Student travel to locations with an International SOS COVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations) rating of high requires special review by the IRMC and approval by the CU Provost, through an appeal process. 

You can view International SOS ratings by visiting this link.

  1. Click on Subscriber Login
  2. Under Membership No., enter the CU Denver membership #: 11BCAS000006
  3. Click Login
  4. Click on Know My Risks and select your travel location/destination

If your proposed destination has a high risk rating for travel, medical, or COVID-19 Impacts as it pertains to Domestic Operations, please contact the Office of Global Education at to determine the next steps required to appeal your international travel. 

Please note travel appeals should be submitted for IRMC review three months prior to your proposed travel dates.



Does your project need IRB approval?
Contact the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board (COMIRB):

Phone: 303-724-1055 Email:
Address: Anschutz Medical Campus
Fitzsimons Building (500)
3rd Floor North
Aurora, CO 80045

Student Scholarships and Travel Resources

  • Find the full International Travel Policy for Students on the OGE website. ·
  • Scholarships: Check out these scholarship opportunities to help finance global health projects for students. ·
  • Office of International Affairs: Schedule an appointment with the Office of International Affairs to discuss your trip.
  • Travel Documents: Travel Document Systems (TDS) is a private company that specializes in processing visa applications to all countries. ·
  • Currency Converter: How much money will your U.S. dollar buy in your host country?
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