38th Annual VIRTUAL Student Research Forum Poster Presentations  – 
December 5, 2023 (1-3 PM)

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We are excited to offer the 38th Annual Research Forum virtually to allow students at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus an opportunity to share their research. 

Registration for the Research Forum is Closed.

All persons who submit the registration form and upload a poster by the November 8, 2023 deadline will automatically be accepted to present their poster at this event.

Deadline for Submission of Registration Form and Uploading a Poster: 
November 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM

Submission of a registration form and uploading of a poster by the deadline is required to be able to participate in the forum. We must have your poster and registration information in order to build the website and display your abstract and poster. We are not able to accept late registrations or late posters.

Note: the registration form will require uploading a pdf of an abstract. The character limit is 3000 characters (not including the title). No figures or images can accompany the abstract text. 

You will receive email notification of the time of your presentation and further instructions for accessing the virtual site by November 28, 2023 (1 week before the event).  

Faculty and Post-doc Judges: Faculty and post-docs interested in judging should fill out the Call for Faculty Judges.

For questions please contact Mary McGinnis at coloradoresearchtrack@cuanschutz.edu

How to Attend the Research Forum

  1. Presenters and Judges will enter the main zoom room for the session, by clicking one of the two links that will be posted on this website (links will be posted closer to the event) below that are for the session you are assigned.
  2. Once in the zoom room, judges and students will be moved to a smaller breakout room, where approximately 5 students will be presenting.
  3. Students will have 9 minutes to share their screen and present their poster, followed by 2 minutes of questions.
  4. If you are a judge, complete the judge’s scoring form for each poster presentation in your 1 hour small group session.

How to View Abstracts and Posters

  1. Find the student’s name and/or project of interest in the table (the table will not be visible until shortly before the Research Forum event)below
  2. Click the link to view the poster and abstract

​Sche​dule for Virtual Research Forum - Tuesday December 5, 2023

The Research Forum presentations will be organized into 2 separate sessions (times shown below).

  • Session 1: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
  • Session 2: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Questions? Contact Mary McGinnis at coloradoresearchtrack@cuanschutz.edu

Poster NumberPresenterPresenter's CollegeTitle CategoryAbstract LinkPoster LinkScoring Form
1Mohamoud AhmedMedicineChanging face of pediatric pulmonary exacerbations in CFPulmonary and Critical CareAhmed AbstractAhmed PosterForm
2Mike Akaraphanth
MedicineNarrative Review of Strategies for Blood Product Shelf-Life Extension
Hematology and Oncology
Akaraphanth Abstract
Akaraphanth PosterForm
3Catherine AlderMedicinePreoperative Quantitative Imaging Use in Predicting Intraoperative Decision for Hip Labral Repair Versus ReconstructionBone or SkeletalAlder AbstractAlder PosterForm
4Catherine Alder
MedicinePrevalence of Secondary Cleft Lip Revisions:?Analysis of National DatabaseSurgery
Alder AbstractAlder PosterForm
5Tochi AniokeMedicineSeasonality Of Surgical Site Infection Rates Across The UCHealth System: An Analysis of 352,074 OperationsSurgeryAnioke AbstractAnioke PosterForm
6Ella Annest
MedicineEvaluation of Visual Displays to Share Quality of Life Changes with Breast Cancer PatientsSurgery
Annest AbstractAnnest PosterForm
7Sarah AshleyMedicineA multivariate analysis of psychosocial risk factors in pediatric transplant patientsOtherAshley AbstractAshley PosterForm
8Cameron BeanMedicineA Survey of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Interest in Medical SettingsOther
Bean AbstractBean PosterForm
9Owen BergMedicineService Learning at the University of Colorado School of Medicine: Highlighting Successful Service Learning with anEducationBerg AbstractBerg PosterForm
10Caitlin Blades
MedicineBleeding risks associated with tonsillectomy in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndromeSurgeryBlades AbstractBlades PosterForm
11Dillon BoultonGraduateA novel MIRO2/MYO9B/RhoA signaling axis controls tumor cell invasion and metastasisHematology and OncologyBoulton AbstractBoulton PosterForm
12Michael Boysen
MedicineUnderstanding Radiation Therapy Sensitivity in Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the BreastHematology and Oncology
Boysen AbstractBoysen PosterForm
13Spencer ButedMedicineSocial Determinants of Health among families seeking emergency careHealthcare and Public Health

Buted AbstractButed PosterForm
14David Chen
MedicineEvaluating the accuracy of intraoperative frozen section following neoadjuvant chemotherapy in cN1 breast cancer patients


Chen AbstractChen PosterForm
15Kimberly ChristnachtMedicineAntioxidant treatment of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS) and retina function determined by electroretinography​

Vision Sciences

Christnacht AbstractChristnacht PosterForm
16Evangelia Constantine
MedicineUnveiling the Clinical Response to ​Platelet-Rich Plasma in Knee Osteoarthritis: A Preliminary AnalysisBone or Skeletal
Constantine AbstractConstantine PosterForm
17Petra DahmsGraduateA role for SEMA7A in regulating cell invasion and macrophage matrix remodeling during mammary gland morphogenesisOther Dahms AbstractDahms PosterForm
18Rebekah Davis
MedicineReducing High Emergency Department Utilization at University of Colorado Hospital by Patients Experiencing HomelessnessHealthcare and Public HealthDavis AbstractDavis PosterForm
19Anna De SchutterMedicineNavigating mental health narratives: establishing a priority framework in medical education through natural language processing
OtherDe Schutter AbstractDe Schutter PosterForm
20Morgan Dewey
MedicineAttitudes Around Smoking Initiation in Kathmandu, NepalHealthcare and Public Health
Dewey AbstractDewey PosterForm
21Tyler DobbsGraduateMetabolic and Glycemia Improvements Occur 3-Months Post Bariatric Surgery in Youth with Type 2 DiabetesMetabolism and Endocrinology Dobbs AbstractDobbs PosterForm
22Amy Dye-Robinson
Public HealthEvaluating the Reliability of Electronic Health Record Data for Chronic DiseasesHealthcare and Public HealthDye-Robinson AbstractDye-Robinson PosterForm
23Nicholas FelanMedicineMedical Student Social Media Utilization in Today's Residency Application ProcessEducation Felan AbstractFelan PosterForm
24Lillian Folts
GraduateOptimizing OoCount: a machine-learning based approach to oocyte countingOtherFolts AbstractFolts PosterForm
25Douglas FritzMedicinePlanetary Health Curriculum Integration: A 5 Step process to teach climate medicine at your Med School
Education Fritz AbstractFritz PosterForm
26Sydney Fry
MedicineIncidence of ACL Injuries in Females by Selective Use of Oral Contraceptive PillsSurgeryFry AbstractFry PosterForm
27Joseph GaballaMedicineInterleukin-1 Receptor 9 Gene Deletion Worsens Murine ColitisImmunology and Autoimmune Diseases Gaballa AbstractGaballa PosterForm
28Elizabeth Garcia Creighton
MedicineNovel Approaches in the Treatment of Hansen’s Disease: A Case Series Using Monthly Triple-Drug Therapy of RMM in the United StatesMicrobiology and Infectious Diseases
Garcia Creighton AbstractGarcia Creighton PosterForm
29Kassra GaroosiMedicineThe Effects of Body Mass Index on Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Autologous Free Flap Breast ReconstructionSurgery Garoosi AbstractGaroosi PosterForm
30Nicholas Girardi
MedicineThe Windshield Wiper Sign: A Radiographic Finding of Hip Instability
Bone or Skeletal
Girardi AbstractGirardi PosterForm
31Luana GnatencoMedicineSmoking Cessation Barriers in Kathmandu, NepalHealthcare and Public HealthGnatenco AbstractGnatenco PosterForm
32Emma Golden
MedicinePerinatal Acetaminophen Toxicity is Mediated by Cytochrome P450 2E1 (CYP2E1) In a Time and Cell-Type Specific MannerOtherGolden AbstractGolden PosterForm
33Emily Green
MedicinePerceptions of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Counseling and Administration During Dental VisitsHealthcare and Public HealthGreen AbstractGreen PosterForm
34Emily GyongyosiGraduateCannabidiol Reduces the Experience of Pain in Individuals with Chronic PainNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - AdultGyongyosi AbstractGyongyosi PosterForm
35Garrett Healy
MedicineAssociation of Postoperative Complications with Attributable Increase in Postoperative Length of Stay in a Broad Surgical PopulationSurgeryHealy AbstractHealy PosterForm
36Rachel HendersonMedicineWhat Front-line Service Providers for People Experiencing Homelessness Know About Body Lice and Associated Diseases — Colorado, 2022Healthcare and Public HealthHenderson AbstractHenderson PosterForm
37Isabelle Hua
MedicineInterarea communication during visual processingNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Adult
Hua AbstractHua PosterForm
38Kayvon JabbariMedicineAssessing the Relationship between Breast Reconstruction and Psychiatric Comorbidities Among Breast Cancer PatientsSurgeryJabbari AbstractJabbari PosterForm
39Riley KahanMedicineAAV delivery of PD-L1 with concomitant CTLA-4 immunoglobulin attenuates acute cellular rejection in a rat lung transplant modelSurgeryKahan AbstractKahan PosterForm
40Adrianna KaydenMedicineImplementation of a Student-Led Interprofessional Foot Clinic for an Unhoused Population​​Healthcare and Public HealthKayden AbstractKayden PosterForm
41Sol Kim
GraduateMeningeal barrier breakdown and local immune response during neonatal bacterial meningitis
Developmental Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior - ChildKim AbstractKim PosterForm
42Joshua KnissMedicineThe Impact of Pre-Injury Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Diagnosis on Post-ConcussionNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - AdultKniss AbstractKniss PosterForm
43Michael Kwong
MedicinePancreatic Venous Anatomy for Trans-portal treatment of pancreatic cancersOtherKwong AbstractKwong PosterForm
44Madeline LaborMedicineThe Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk on Post-Operative Recovery Following Rotator Cuff RepairBone or SkeletalLabor AbstractLabor PosterForm
45Preston LeMedicineBarriers to Mental Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations: Lessons Learned from Online Public Testimonies to Improve Medical EducationEducationLe AbstractLe PosterForm
46Anna Lee
MedicineTip Rhinoplasty and/or Septoplasty for Correction of Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity at the Time of the PrimarySurgeryLee AbstractLee PosterForm
47Anna LeeMedicinePrevalence of Pre-operative Infant Naso-Alveolar Molding for Cleft Lip/Palate & Billing Practices: Analysis of National DatabaseSurgeryLee AbstractLee PosterForm
48Tiana Linkus
Medicine24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure at Low vs. High Altitude Before and After Partial Acclimatization (CHAMPS*)
CardiovascularLinkus AbstractLinkus PosterForm
49Max Lookabaugh MedicineStrategies to Reduce Frequent ED Use Among Persons Experiencing 
Homelessness with Mental Health Conditions: a scoping review"
Healthcare and Public HealthLookabaugh AbstractLookabaugh PosterForm
50Vivian Lu
MedicineMeasurement of Time-Resolved Septal Curvature to Assess Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension
Lu AbstractLu PosterForm
51Gabriella MayneGraduateAssessing Racial and Ethnic Differences in Low-Risk Unplanned Cesarean BirthChild-Maternal Health and Reproductive ServicesMayne AbstractMayne PosterForm
52Megan Mazzotta
MedicineImproving Health Care Literacy Among Patients with MS through a Flipped Classroom ModelEducationMazzotta AbstractMazzotta PosterForm
53Alec McCranieMedicineAbdominal Wall Reinforcement Using Acellular Tissue Matrix after Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap Harvest for Breast ReconstructionSurgeryMcCranie AbstractMcCranie PosterForm
54Cassandra Minne
GraduateAlternative RNA splicing of transcripts encoding protein serine/threonine kinases downstream of PDGFR signaling in the facial mesenchymeOtherMinne AbstractMinne PosterForm
55Simon MonleyDentistryAdvancing Digital Dentistry with High Strength, High Toughness 3D Printable Urethane Denture Base and Tooth FormulationsHealthcare and Public HealthMonley AbstractMonley PosterForm
56Nickole Moon
GraduateCellular Mechanisms of Stress-Mediated Allostasis Regulate Intercellular Communication by Extracellular VesiclesChild-Maternal Health and Reproductive ServicesMoon AbstractMoon PosterForm
57Thi-Tina N NguyenGraduateEstablishing a late gestational hypoxia model to study the effects of maternal hypoxia on offspring lung outcomes Pulmonary and Critical CareNguyen AbstractNguyen PosterForm
58Charles Nolte
MedicinePatient Perceptions of Social Media Use by Orthopaedic Surgeons: Comparing Responses Across the USBone or Skeletal
Nolte AbstractNolte PosterForm
59Jaclyn OrehovaMedicineDecreased Need for Surgical Intervention Among Children from Areas of Higher Neighborhood Disadvantage Following Traumatic InjurySurgeryOrehova AbstractOrehova PosterForm
60Moses Owusu
GraduateIdentification of Heart Disorders Using Symbolic Aggregate Approximation (SAX)Cardiovascular

Owusu AbstractOwusu PosterForm
61Pranav PadmanabhanPublic HealthSpatiotemporal Analysis Exploring the Impact of Homeless Encampment Sweeps on Crime in Denver, Colorado, 2019-2023Healthcare and Public Health Padmanabhan AbstractPadmanabhan PosterForm
62Pritika Parmar
MedicineThe Impact of the Tumor Microbiome on Anti-tumor Immunity in Mucosal Melanoma
Hematology and Oncology Parmar AbstractParmar PosterForm
63Kenneth PhamMedicineThe Morphology of the Navicular Bone and Its Talonavicular Articular Surface: A Comparison between Congenital Flatfeet and Normal Controls
Bone or Skeletal Pham AbstractPham PosterForm
64Srinithi Ranganathan
GraduateThe role of reversible AKAP12 lysine myristoylation in PKA signaling in adipocytes
Pharmacology and PhysiologyRanganathan AbstractRanganathan PosterForm
65Quinn ScallonMedicineRapid Perioperative Risk Reduction in a Patient with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Undergoing Kidney Transplant Evaluation
Surgery Scallon AbstractScallon PosterForm
66Ananya Shah
MedicineImpact of Social Vulnerability on Aortic Arch Surgery
Shah AbstractShah PosterForm
67Katherine SmulliganGraduateQuality-of-Life Differences Among Male and Female Adolescents After Concussion: A Comparison with Uninjured Controls
Other Smulligan AbstractSmulligan PosterForm
68Robert Stegman
MedicineProteomics of Acute Limb Ischemia
CardiovascularStegman AbstractStegman PosterForm
69Adam StevensMedicineIdentifying Patients with Lung Cancer from Electronic Health Records: 
Systematic Evidence Review to Bridge the Gap between Research and Real-World Impact
Hematology and Oncology Stevens AbstractStevens PosterForm
70Molly Thapar
MedicineAssessing Pediatric Dermatology Access for Black Patients with Skin DiseaseHealthcare and Public Health
Thapar AbstractThapar PosterForm
71Giovanni TinMedicinePrevalence of Staged versus Single-Stage Operations for Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair: Analysis of a National DatabaseSurgery Tin AbstractTin PosterForm

Michelle Wehbe

MedicineBispecific Antibody Treatment in the Community Cancer Center Setting
Hematology and OncologyWehbe AbstractWehbe PosterForm
73Blair WeikelGraduateAssociation of Exposure to Trump's Presidency with the Perinatal Health of Minoritized PopulationsChild-Maternal Health and Reproductive Services Weikel AbstractWeikel PosterForm
74Jess Wild
Public HealthUpstrapping To Determine Futility: Predicting Future Outcomes Nonparametrically From Past DataHealthcare and Public HealthWild AbstractWild PosterForm
75Kyle WilliamsMedicineComparative Analysis of Outcomes from Meniscectomy With or Without Concurrent SynovectomySurgery Williams AbstractWilliams PosterForm
76Mathew WingersonGraduateSleep and exercise: Longitudinal associations throughout recovery from adolescent concussionDevelopmental Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior - ChildWingerson AbstractWingerson PosterForm
77Caleb WipfMedicineImpact of Navigated Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) on Spinal TumorsBone or Skeletal Wipf AbstractWipf PosterForm
78YooJin YoonMedicineGender Affirming Surgery and Reduced Rates of Psychiatric Co-MorbiditiesSurgeryYoon AbstractYoon PosterForm
79YooJin YoonMedicine

Echoes of Compassion: Empowering Medical Students in the Face of Loss

EducationYoon AbstractYoon PosterForm
80Yan Zhou
MedicineRegeneration of neural progenitors after spinal cord injuryNeuroscience and Brain and Behavior - Adult
Zhou AbstractZhou PosterForm
81Owen Zielinski MedicineMental Healthcare Provider Work Orientations and Mental Health OutcomesHealthcare and Public HealthZielinski AbstractZielinski PosterForm

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