Student Placement

​The following guidelines are for advanced practice nursing and physician assistant students not currently enrolled in the University of Colorado College of Nursing (CON) or University of Colorado Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant (CHAPA) programs.  Current CU CON/CHAPA students should contact their student advisor for placement guidelines. 

Please send an email to the Office of Advanced Practice​ and include the following information for each rotation request.  An updated CV or resume should accompany each request. 

  1. Student Name (full, legal):
  2. Student email:
  3. Student phone number:
  4. Is the student a current UCH/UCD employee? If so, which location?
  5. College or University:
  6. Program (e.g. PA, NP, NNP):
  7. Clinical coordinator name:
  8. Clinical coordinator phone number:
  9. Clinical coordinator email address:
  10. Rotation dates:
  11. Number of hours requested:
  12. Type/Department requested (Peds, Family Practice, Emergency Med, Specialties):
  13. Is there a particular preceptor already identified? Has this preceptor agreed to precept? 
  14. Emergency Contact: 
  15. Additional comments:
  16. [Attach resume or CV]  

Due to the high volume of requests and limited preceptor availability, placement cannot be guaranteed for all students. Students will be notified via email once the request is received. In the interim, students should not make "cold calls" or communicate directly to clinics or providers as working outside of the process may delay or inhibit placement. The Office of Advanced Practice Student Placement coordinator will review the application and share applicable components with potential preceptors and advanced practice leadership according to the following timeline:

Placement priority

  • Current University of Colorado Advanced Practice students.
  • Current UCHealth/UCDenver employees enrolled in fully accredited Advanced Practice programs.
  • Programs with a current UCHealth affiliation agreement.
  • Advanced Practice students that have already procured an appropriate preceptor
  • All other students attending fully accredited programs.

 Unaffiliated Programs

In order for a student to be able to begin a clinical rotation at University of Colorado Hospital or UCHealth Metro Denver clinics, an Affiliation Agreement with program must be established. The contract process can take several months to complete, and the student placement process is placed on hold until the Affiliation Agreement is approved.  UCHealth does not enter into Affiliation Agreements with programs that are not fully accredited, nor can agreements cannot be formed with provisionally accredited schools.

Affiliated Programs

If an Affiliation Agreement is in place with the student’s school, the paperwork, badging and access process takes approximately 3 months.

Multiple rules and regulations must be followed to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, hospital accreditation standards, and to ensure the safety of patients, staff, students and visitors. If a student placement is assigned, the following student documentation will be required:

  • Name of student participating in the clinical/non-clinical experience
  • Anticipated dates (start and finish) of rotation
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance (if maintained by the student).
  • Proof of Health Insurance.
  • Letter of attestation (provided by school, not student) indicating the student is in compliance with the following: English proficiency, US citizenship/Visa (I9 verification), current HIPAA/OSHA training, current immunizations, negative drug screen, negative criminal background check.
  • Copy of current American Heart Association Certification card, for students having patient contact
  • Copy of license (if applicable)
  • Copy of objectives for affiliation experience 
  • Signed UCH Confidentiality Agreement
  • The Office of Advanced Practice will secure a student badge, electronic systems access and Epic training for the incoming student.
  • The Office of Advanced Practice will work with the preceptor or designee to secure any additional security or training needed for the student.
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