Peer Mentored Care Collaborative (PMCC)

Our Mission

The PMCC aims to improve the quality of care and the patient experience while reducing overall costs. Here is the PMCC model:

  1. Patients have improved access to specialty care and fewer unnecessary visits
  2. Primary care partners receive timely input and expertise to help them practice top of scope and provide more comprehensive care locally
  3. Specialists receive clear, template-driven clinical questions and related documentation that provides more efficient referrals
  4. Through data we can begin to anticipate and identify health trends in local communities, share and exchange vital resources and best practices, shape patterns of care to assure high quality care that costs less and keeps the patient and the local provider at the core of care delivery


John "Fred" Thomas, PhD
Executive Director

PMCCThe Peer Mentored Care Collaborative (PMCC) consists of two innovative and highly regarded programs, ECHO Colorado (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) and Project CORE (Coordinating Optimal Referral Experiences). Through these programs, primary care providers are offered tools to partner with colleagues at the Anschutz Medical Campus to build a virtual, patient-centered medical neighborhood that enables communication, reduces the potential for fragmented care, promotes enhanced coordination and ultimately improves access to specialty care for patients..

The PMCC aims to leverage partnerships with stakeholders across the state of Colorado to meet rural providers where they are with the goal of improving each domain of the quadruple aim: increasing access to care, reducing costs and unnecessary care, improving patient outcomes and improving patient and provider satisfaction with care. 

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