Medical Alumni Association Awards

Our Exceptional Alumni

Every year the School of Medicine honors alumni for their extraordinary service and commitment to the practice of medicine. We are accepting nominations for the 2019 alumni awards. The deadline for nominations is November 30, 2018. Help us recognize outstanding graduates from the School of Medicine by nominating alumni for our four annual awards.

Silver & Gold Award

First awarded in 1969, this is the highest honor and recognition bestowed​ by the Medical Alumni Association. The Silver and Gold Award for Excellence in Humanitarianism, Citizenship and Professionalism is presented for outstanding service to the community and contributions to the science and art of medicine. To be eligible, the candidate must be a current or past member of the association and an MD graduate of the school. 
Award recip​i​ents​​

Richard Krugman Award for Distinguished Service 

This award is given to those members (current or past) of this Association who are MD graduates of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and who have contributed outstanding service to the Association and to the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.
Award recipients

Distinguished Achievement Award

This award is given to those members (current or past) of the association who are MD graduates of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and who have made outstanding achievements benefiting their communities, the practice of medicine, the provision of health care, our association and/or the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 
Award recipients

Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award recognizes lifelong service to society or to humankind and honors those who have provided extraordinary service to their community, demonstrating leadership through global or local service. The award honors those who have fulfilled the obligations of their education through creative citizenship and exemplary service leadership in ways that benefit society and bring credit to the institution. It is to be awarded on occasion to School of Medicine and/or house staff alumni, or School of Medicine faculty.
Award recipients