IHQSE Programs

Since our founding in 2012, the IHQSE has trained thousands of healthcare professionals.

But our goal is not simply to educate, rather it is to transform.

Creating Leaders

Transforming patient outcomes starts with building the capacity of frontline clinicians to drive change. 

Whether you are looking to apply the foundational principles of quality and safety or aspire to lead organizational quality programs IHQSE programs are built to help you transform your skills, your patients’ outcomes, and your career.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Teaching is foundational, but not transformative. Therefore, we ensure that what we teach is immediately applied to clinical care processes.

Support from a robust, hands-on coaching model further ensures that your skills development is directly linked to improved patient outcomes.

Building Higher-performing Health Systems

Ultimately the performance of an organization is a direct result of the people and processes that it comprises. 

By developing the capacity of a cadre of frontline clinicians to drive and sustain process changes an organization can improve its overall quality, safety and financial performance. 

Quality Safety Academy

The QSA offers live, virtual workshops designed to equip participants with the foundations of quality improvement and patient safety work in the clinical setting. Participants can mix and match single sessions or purchase all six sessions at a discounted price.


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Foundations in Healthcare Leadership

Foundations in Healthcare Leadership is a professional development course for early-phase leaders with the goal of creating life-long leaders in healthcare transformation, blending in person training, application, and intensive coaching.


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Certificate Training Program in
Health Quality Transformation

The Certificate Training Program (CTP) in Health Quality Transformation develops leaders and teams capable of driving change. With didactics, application, and coaching, participants will not only complete a project but also leave the program with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to lead future improvements.

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Fellowship in Health Quality Leadership

The year-long Fellowship in Health Quality Leadership offers both personal and professional development. Participants benefit from monthly trainings, individual mentorship, and project support and coaching. The curriculum may be tailored to fit specific needs.

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