CHCO Providers of the Month

Spring 2018

Congratulations to the Providers of the month for February, March and April:
February Provider of the Month: Emily Stuart, MD 

Dr. Emily Stuart​ is being recognized for her tireless work ethic, selflessly taking time out of her busy schedule to discuss patients with multiple providers to ensure the highest care is given. She exemplifies what it means to work as an interdisciplinary team member, providing quality care and consistent, respectful communication to those around you. 

March Provider of the Month: Jeanne Zenge, MD 
Dr. Jeanne Zenge​ is being recognized for not only her leadership and role modeling of integrated and educational rounds, but also her professionalism and communication shown with a special family in the MFCU. Karen Jones, a RN in NICU, includes this her Mile Above regarding Dr. Zenge: “Baby Coles’ parents came to us in search of a miracle and wanted their son to be more than a “trisomy” to our team. You spent hours listening to their hopes and concerns and provided them with support. With your counsel, they were able to understand the complexity of Coles’ diagnosis and yet still be hopeful for a future. Although a very unfortunate outcome, the family had precious time with their son and felt him to be quite a fighter. Thank you for all the time you spend with our families.” We received more accolades for Dr. Zenge from a patient family: “My son is home now in New Jersey and doing incredibly well. But I want to recognize the professionalism displayed by your staff at all times during our stay at Anschutz Medical Campus. Each one of your nurses and doctors in the cardiac unit and NICU were simply the best. The list is long for me to list all the names. However, there is one person I specifically want to mention, Dr. Jeanne Zenge. I was so impressed with her knowledge, the care she provided to my son, and her dedication. In the NICU, I felt as my son was her only patient and her attention to detail for all his medical needs was impressive. Simply put, she is an amazing doctor and even a greater person. Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to her for everything she did for my son’s care.” 

April Providers of the Month 

1. Carrye Cost, MD – CCBD​: “Carrye always goes above and beyond for all of her patients. She is thoughtful about all of their needs, not just their cancer needs. She manages to bring humor to situations at just the right moment to brighten her patients’ and staff’s mood. She also is always willing to provide mentorship for fellows and residents despite having many other commitments.” – Clair Stokes 

2. Aaron Powell, MD – Rehab Medicine​: “Thanks Aaron for your open communication and professionalism! You are an amazing leader for our Rehab Team and have already made such a difference in team dynamics. I so appreciate your directness but also how you are always willing to consider other people’s perspectives and how you express appreciation for others’ perspectives. I look forward to working with you for many years to come and helping to make the Rehab Team a top tier program!” – Charlee Jacobs 

3. Amy Clevenger, MD – Critical Care​: “Amy, I really appreciate you for your thoughtful, realistic disposition during a difficult code. You held the team together and redirected the group in times where we needed it. I was happy to work beside you at the bedside. Thank you for the recovery pizza, that was so generous!” – Teresa Kromar 

4. Christina Papantonakis, MD – Pulmonary Medicine COS​: “Tina has been a tremendous asset to our Colorado Springs pulmonary clinical team since she started last fall! She has jumped into a busy clinic and increased our clinic volumes and her patients love her! She has also contributed significantly to our inpatient service and procedures. She has done all this with exceptionally professional conduct at all times! We are so thankful to have her as part of our team!” – Grace Houser 

5. Patricia Eells, CPNP – Pulmonary Medicine COS​: “Trish has done an amazing job launching and leading our High Risk Asthma project for Colorado Springs! This is a program which identifies patients with 1 or more hospitalizations or 2 or more ED or urgent care visits for asthma exacerbation in the past year and was launched in October 2017. Trish has not only helped develop the protocols and date acquisition for this program, but is now reviewing the information weekly and sees more of these patients in clinic to discuss their asthma care and provide education and interventions to help prevent future admissions or ED/UC visits. Anecdotally, we have seen great improvement in these patients’ asthma control with this program already! Great work Trish!” – Grace Houser

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