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Mini Med is back! It's live! It’s amazing!

WHAT: Colorado Area Health Education Center (COAHEC) presents the historic “JJ Cohen’s Mini Med School!”

ABOUT: Since 1989, Mini Med at the CU School of Medicine has educated and thrilled audiences of all ages and interests throughout Colorado and beyond with presentations by renowned doctors in the field on topics ranging from chronic medical conditions to current and emerging medicine.

WHEN: Mini Med will be offered from the Anschutz Medical Campus one night weekly for four weeks in the fall semester and four weeks in the spring semester. It kicks off April 3, 2024, from 7p – 8p, including a live Q & A. Each session will be “live streamed” via Zoom from the presenter’s location to communities in Colorado. The fall semester starts October 2, 2024.

INTRODUCING: “Frontiers in Medicine.” One session each semester will be presented from a remote location in Colorado with a local doctor and live-streamed to all other locations.



Asynchronous Online Mini Med School

Would you like to learn about medicine online and asynchronously? Sign up for Mini Medical School: Introduction to Medical Science through FutureLearn. This free online course features videos created by JJ Cohen, founder of the CU Mini Med School, the first Mini Med School in the world. 

Please register at FutureLearn


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