CTP Cohort 1: 2013

Breathing Institute
Site: Children's Hospital Colorado

Team Members: Wendy Berry, RN; Denise Chacon, BSN, RN, MHA; Gwendolyn Kerby, MD
Project:​​ To increase the number of children receiving evidence-based treatment to prevent RSV.

Cardiac and Vascular Center
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: David Kuwayama, MD; Lorna Prutzman, RN
Project:  To improve the timeliness of vascular lab reads and to improve ordering physician satisfaction by 1.5pts on Likert scale for timeliness of sudy completion.

Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders -Bone Marrow Transplant
Site: Children's Hospital Colorado

Team Members: John Craddock, MD; Nancy Tena, RN
Project: To reduce length of stay for children receiving bone marrow transplants by reducing avoidable delays in discharge.

Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders -Sickle Cell Tx & Research
Site: Children's Hospital Colorado

Team Members: Amy Brown, MD; Kitty Montgomery, RN; Rachelle Nuss, MD
Project: To develop a standardized care pathway in clinic for children with sickle cell disease to avoid un-necessary admissions and ED visits.

Emergency Department
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: Kelly Bookman, MD; Sheridan Hodkins, RN, MSN; April Koehler, RN; 
Brandi Schimpf, BSN, RN, CEN; Robin Scott, CNS
Project: To improve appropriate CDU utilization from 8 equivalent patients days to 13 equivalent patient days. To increase the average length of stay from 10.6 hours to 14 hours by January 2014. 

Infectious Disease Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Site: Children's Hospital Colorado

Team Members: Jason Child, PharmD; Sarah Kinder, MD; Sarah Parker, MD
Project: To develop an institute-wide antimicrobial stewardship program at CHCO to reduce over-use of antibiotics and related bacterial resistance.

Internal Medicine - Anschutz
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: Carrie Baker, Practice Manager; Carmen Lewis, MD; Richard Penaloza, MD; 
Robin Pettigrew, BSN, MBA; Katy Trinkley, PharmD
Project: To prioritize waste motion in the practice and eliminate the top 3 wastes by September 1st improving provider and staff satisfaction, provider and staff productivity, and patient wait time.

Neonatal ICU
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: James Barry, MD; Kirtley Ceballos, RNC-NIC; Christy Math, RNC-NIC;
Melissa Moore, RNC-NIC
Project: To improve the discharge process, specifically with a 20% improvement in composite scores for DC staff and parent satisfaction, readmission rates, and late discharges within the next 12 months.

Oncology Infusion Center
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: W. Thomas Purcell, MD; Stephen Tung, Business Manager; Vicki Slat-Vasquez, RN
Project: To reduce patient wait times so that 90% of patient infusions start within 10 minutes of the patient appointment time by December 31, 2013.

Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: Cari Julian, RN; Alexann Kirby; John Song, MD
Project: In ENT, to improve length of stay in the outpatient from 63 minutes by 10 minutes by 11/31/13. In Audiology, to reduce length of stay in the outpatient by 10 minutes.

Radiation Oncology
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: Melissa Feig, Director of Finance & Admin.; Arthur Liu, MD; Stephen Tung, Business Manager
Project: To have 80% of patients that are referred to the clinic receive their consultation within five business days of receipt of referral.

Stroke Program
Site: University of Colorado Hospital

Team Members: Stephanie Cox, RN; Shelly Limon, RN; Jennifer Simpson, MD
Project: To reduce length of stay by 0.5 days to below UHC benchmarks 6 months after project initiation, while improving patient understanding of the events and plan for their hospitalization.