Meet Our Prospective Student Representatives

Our Prospective Student Representatives are a current medical students who play an integral role in a variety of admissions activities and events.

Before Interview Day, they setup the Pre-Interview Day Gathering, where students meet with applicants the night before interview to provide insight into their personal experiences at CU School of Medicine. They also arrange for students hosts for applicants who request to stay with a current medical student instead of at a hotel. 

On Interview Day, the Pro-Reps participate in our Student Panel, which is a question and answer session during lunch for all applicants. Our Pro-Reps also lead Campus Tours, showing applicants lecture halls, small group sessions classrooms, hospitals and other important locations on campus. Second Look Day is another event they are heavily involved in and are key to making the day a great success. 

Our Prospective Student Representatives are essential to our Admissions Team.

Folake Adegboye 250Folake Adegboye

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Before Med School: I worked as a scribe for a few years, went back home for about a year and completed a master's degree in nutrition. 
Fun Fact:  I once made a gingerbread house from scratch. 




Brian Carter 250Brian Carter

Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Before Med School: Founded and worked at a startup, then worked part-time at a brewery on the beach and part-time as an EMT, and finally worked in the biomedical and medical education industries a couple years.
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 4 different countries, 7 different US states, and 13 different cities



Bruck Gezahegn 250Bruck Gezahegn

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Washington DC
Before Med School: Research Technician at Janelia Research Campus, HHMI
Fun Fact: I have over 15 fútbol jerseys (disclaimer: I only bought a third of those jerseys)





Jane Manalo_250Jane Manalo

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Before Med School: I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in Chemical & Biological Engineering. Afterwards, I got married and worked in administration at CU Boulder.
Fun Fact: I love Disney! My husband and I used to frequent Disneyland (pre-COVID) and I’m always on Disney+ in my free time.  




Amira Otmane 250

Amira Otmane

Hometown: Denver, CO
Before Med School: I took a 1.5 year gap before med school, where I worked at an elementary and middle school in the nurse’s office and part time in retail. I also volunteered at the DAWN Clinic and spent lots of time cooking, hiking, and enjoying time with friends. Right before school started I hiked my first 14er! 
Fun Fact: I’m Algerian-American and get to visit Algeria every few years!



John Schutz 250

Jack Schutz

Hometown: Golden, CO
Before Med School: I graduated from CU Boulder in May 2020 with degrees in Integrative Physiology and Art and I had grand plans to travel but I got really into running, Animal Crossing, cooking, and exploring Colorado's hiking trails instead!
Fun Fact: I’m currently cooking my way through Julia Childs’ cookbook, shoutout to Julie and Julia.


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