Prospective Student Representatives 2024

Folake Adegboye 250Folake Adegboye

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Before Med School: I worked as a scribe for a few years, went back home for about a year and completed a master's degree in nutrition. 
Fun Fact:  I once made a gingerbread house from scratch. 




Brian Carter 250Brian Carter

Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Before Med School: Founded and worked at a startup, then worked part-time at a brewery on the beach and part-time as an EMT, and finally worked in the biomedical and medical education industries a couple years.
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 4 different countries, 7 different US states, and 13 different cities



Bruck Gezahegn 250Bruck Gezahegn

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Washington DC
Before Med School: Research Technician at Janelia Research Campus, HHMI
Fun Fact: I have over 15 fútbol jerseys (disclaimer: I only bought a third of those jerseys)





Jane Manalo_250Jane Manalo

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Before Med School: I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in Chemical & Biological Engineering. Afterwards, I got married and worked in administration at CU Boulder.
Fun Fact: I love Disney! My husband and I used to frequent Disneyland (pre-COVID) and I’m always on Disney+ in my free time.  




Amira Otmane 250

Amira Otmane

Hometown: Denver, CO
Before Med School: I took a 1.5 year gap before med school, where I worked at an elementary and middle school in the nurse’s office and part time in retail. I also volunteered at the DAWN Clinic and spent lots of time cooking, hiking, and enjoying time with friends. Right before school started I hiked my first 14er! 
Fun Fact: I’m Algerian-American and get to visit Algeria every few years!



John Schutz 250

Jack Schutz

Hometown: Golden, CO
Before Med School: I graduated from CU Boulder in May 2020 with degrees in Integrative Physiology and Art and I had grand plans to travel but I got really into running, Animal Crossing, cooking, and exploring Colorado's hiking trails instead!
Fun Fact: I’m currently cooking my way through Julia Childs’ cookbook, shoutout to Julie and Julia.


  • Jeffrey SooHoo, MD, MBA
    Assistant Dean of Admissions 
  • Karina Goodwin, MA
    Admissions Manager
  • Lamar Cherry, BA
    ​Senior Admissions Specialist 

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