About Us 



John “Fred” Thomas, PhD
Executive Director

Duane Pearson, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Leah Willis Basche, MS
Director of Programs

Matt Thompson, MBA
Operations Administrator


David Keller, MD
Child Health Primary Care Physician Lead

Linda Oberst-Walsh, MD
Adult Health Primary Care Physician Lead


Renia Canaday
Business and Financial Assistant 

Crystal Chaparro
Project Coordinator

Nicholas Cogdall, MPA/MPH
Project Coordinator

Jerusaliem Gebreziabher, M.S.Ed
Project Coordinator

Michael Kazanjian, PhD
Instructional Design Senior Professional

Kathryn Michel, MS
Grants Life Cycle Manager

Granger Petersen, PhD, MSW
Evaluation Principal Professional

Karen Shimamoto, MPH
Development & Implementation Program Manager

Sue Stoveall, MBA
Marketing & Outreach Program Manager

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Email pmcc@cuanschutz.edu

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