Educational Services

The assembled leadership of the Core represents strong, experienced faculty members with expertise in advanced vascular and cardiac imaging techniques. These faculty members are available to interact with junior faculty members who utilize cardiovascular imaging techniques in their studies for necessary mentorships and collaborations to ensure the research success of trainees and junior faculty. Additionally, the Core offers the Core facility as a resource available to TL1, KL2, BIRWCH and individual K scholars, where they can learn to perform cardiovascular imaging techniques important for clinical research in cardiovascular health. Interested student/fellows and junior faculty will have the opportunity to work under the guidance of Drs. Moreau and Dorosz and the trained sonographers. They will receive formal instruction in appropriate study design and technical aspects to imaging and data analysis so that they can become proficient in cardiovascular image acquisition and/or analysis offered through the Core. In addition to technical skill training, the core will integrate other formal didactics and educational opportunities at UCD to assist with student/fellow training and junior faculty career development.

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