Cardiac Imaging

The Cardiovascular BioImaging Core offers the latest echo technology, including real-time three-dimensional (3D) and 4D, and speckle tracking imaging. Real-time 3D and speckle tracking echocardiography are new technologies that give accurate measures of regional and global cardiac function. These technologies rival information obtained by more expensive modalities (like cardiac MRI) and have been used to detect subtle changes in both ventricles and atria in many disease processes. Together these ultrasound-based modalities provide non-invasive and cost-effective measures of CV health which can detect preclinical dysfunction, inform prognosis, assess risk, track responses to CV therapy, and assess CV side effects of non-CV therapies. Additionally, when combined with vascular assessments, these tools provide researchers with a complete evaluation of cardiac-vascular coupling that is affected by many disease states.

Cardiac Imaging Services and Costs ($40.00/15min/NIH rate or $175/15min/industry studies)


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