Strategic Infrastructure for Research Committee

SIRC - Call for Application

The Strategic Infrastructure for Research Committee (SIRC), created in 2003, reviews proposals to fund research infrastructure that can be available as a core facility or program to all appropriate users on campus. One of the major benefits of the SIRC process is critical peer review and the return of constructive comments that have strengthened the quality and productivity of the School of Medicine's research and have improved the cost-effectiveness of the Dean's Academic Enrichment Fund (AEF). 

Applications for ongoing cores must include a plan for sustainability. This committee is advisory to the Dean. SIRC applications are solicited quarterly. Through the June 2015 review the SIRC process has made 73 awards totaling $13.8 million in Dean’s funds, and 6 additional 2-to-5-year awards to projects from the 2009 research retreat totaling $7.3 million. SIRC-approved research infrastructure includes:  

Core facilities in high-throughput genomics and metabolomics, biomedical informatics, advanced light microscopy, tissue banking, small-animal imaging, mouse behavior, and the Clinical-Translational Research Imaging Core.

Core programs granting an MS or PhD in medical science for medical & graduate students and faculty, year-long mentorship in outcomes research, biostatistics support, patient databases in pregnancy & developmental disabilities, and a biorepository. 

In FY ’14-’15 a total $1.07M was allocated for 9 awards, including support for a CyTOF mass cytometer, equipment for a large animal cardiovascular catheterization lab, development of a gnotobiotic mouse facility, infrastructure for the Global Health Research Initiative in Guatemala, and an automated solid-phase, bio-organic peptide synthesizer. 

Strategic Infrastructure for Research Committee

SIRC (Strategic Infrastructure for Research Committee) Members 2019-2020

  • Lisa Brenner,  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Andrew Fontenot, Medicine – Allergy and Clinical Immunology (’21)
  • Chris Gignoux,  Biomedical Informatics (’22)
  • Sue Kinnamon,  Otolaryngology (’21)
  • Laurel Lenz,  Immunology and Microbiology (’21)
  • Mark Petrash,  Ophthalmology (’19) 
  • Rebecca Schweppe, Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes (’22)
  • Lori Sussel,  Pediatrics (’20) Chair

  • Peter Buttrick, Medicine/Sr Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Vanessa Valesquez, Dean’s Office

*Year to rotate off in July given in parentheses

2005: Bill Arend (Chair 2003-04), Steve Britt, Mike Vasil
2006: Tim Byers, Myron Levin, Maggie Wierman (Chair 2005-06)
2007: Bryan Haugen (Chair 2006-07), Scott Lucia, 
           Steve Nordeen (Chair 2004-05), Patti Thureen
2008: Tom Campbell, David Jones (Chair 2007-08), Wendy Kohrt
2009: Marian Rewers, Ken Tyler (Chair 2008-09)
2010: Gail Eckhardt, Jean Kutner, Sandy Martin (Chair 2009-10), Linda VanDyk
2011: Jed Friedman, Rich Spritz (Chair 2010-11)
2012: Steve Anderson, Heide Ford, Phil Zeitler (Chair 2011-12)
2013: James DeGregori (Chair 2012-13), Judy Regensteiner, Rubin Tuder, 
          Xiao-Jing Wang
2014: Virginia Borges, John Weil (Chair 2013-14)
2015: Holger Eltzschig, Antonio Jimeno, Scott Sagel (Chair 2014-15)
2016: Adit Ginde, Peter Koch, Jennifer Richer, Rachael Van Pelt (Chair 2015-16)
2017: Tom Berl, Dick Davis (Chair 2016-2017)
2018: Paul Jedlicka (Chair 2017-2018), Glenn Furuta, Tamim Shaikh
2019: Jeffrey Bennett, Karyn Goodman, Craig Jordan, Paul Jedlicka, Anne Libby, Mark Petrash (Chair 2018-2019)