Gold Humanism Honor Society

The mission of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, which was established in 2001-2002 by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Board of Trustees, is to recognize individuals who are exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models in medicine.

The power of the society brings them together to sustain their own humanism and to inspire and nurture humanism in others. The Society is organized under the auspices of the foundation, and, as such, financial support of the Society shall be provided by the foundation through its annual budget and with funds raised specifically for the Society through endowment, annual campaign and voluntary foundation membership dues.

The Oath

I pledge by all that I hold dear as a Physician:

I will Care for my patients with Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Integrity and Clinical Excellence; I will Listen to my patients with my whole being; I will Advocate for each patient as a unique individual; I will Serve as a role model and mentor to promote humanism in health care; I will Remember always the healing power of acts of caring; I will Dedicate myself to joining with others to make health care optimal for all.

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