CHCO Providers of the Month

Summer 2018

May Providers of the Month

Cailin Brazeau, PA-C​ Orthopedics: "Cailin is such a great provider to work with!  She keeps everything fun and exciting but also professional. She is very on top of her clinic flow and is a great communicator."

Cindy Buchanan, PhD​ Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences: "Cindy, thank you for all of your time and dedication to our training program! You lead with your heart and that is definitely felt and appreciated by those around you. Thanks for creating a safe and open environment for others to feel that they can speak freely. Your are the BEST!"

Jo​rdan Fink, PA-C​ Orthopedics: "Jordan is great to work with and makes you feel like a part of his team. Jordan does a great job taking care of his patients and interacting professionally with the staff. We enjoy working with him!"

Sarah Schmidt, MD​ Emergency Medicine: Sarah is a fantastic physician. I am constantly in awe of her compassion, knowledge and attitude. She is calm, collected, intelligent and so helpful. She holds people accountable to providing a high level of care consistently in an authoritative, but kind way. She takes care of her team, is appreciative and gives praise after hard situations, which is so helpful for weary staff members."

June Providers of the Month

Mario Coleman, MD​ Neurology: "Dr. Coleman is always making light of tough situations in our demanding clinic. He is accommodating to the neurology patients here at Briargate, going above and beyond to take care of our families' needs. Dr. Coleman is a vital asset to our team and makes a positive change with coworkers and patients every single day.” 

Cinnamon Dixon, DO​ Pediatric Medicine: "Thank you for all the time and energy you dedicated to getting the SNAP rule change past its first hearing! While it took much longer than anticipated, I really appreciate you powering through to provide testimony. The expertise and passion you brought to the State Board of Human Services helped raise critical awareness of the importance of food stamps for Colorado kids. Thank you for being a true child health champion!"

Anna Franklin, MD​ Oncology: "Dr. Franklin has been the most compassionate and collaborative physician I have worked with during my time at CHCO. She listens to all players on the team, including patients and families. She provides care with the best intentions and communicates throughout the entire process. I find myself excited to work on cases with Dr. Franklin and continue to learn and grow as a professional and person from her teamwork."

Melanie Gleason, PA-C, MS​ Pulmonary: "Melanie worked to develop a successful renewal of our Step-Up Asthma program with the Colorado Department of Public Health for our fifth cycle that began in 2005. She has made necessary connections to extend our program into five school systems and even more are next in the future!"

Michelle Sutter, NP​ Rheumatology: "Michelle gave a wonderful presentation for the Orthopedic PTs and OTs on JIA in March and invited a PT to present to the Rheumatology clinic. She exemplifies leadership by increasing inter-professional connections and collaboration. She is so kind and welcoming - we are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Rheumatology providers."

July Providers of the Month

Jason Soden, MD​ DHI: "A kudos is deserved for an innovative telehealth idea. A mutual patient in the Glenwood Springs practice recently died and Dr. Soden took the initiative to set up a REST-type conference with them via telehealth that will use Joe Grubenhoff and Bob Flory as faciliators. We talk so much about telemedicine-based patient care because that is more quantifiable, but use cases like this are not only important for improving provider resilience but also for cementing referring provider relationships." - Christina Olson

Laura Pickler, MD​ Family Medicine: "I could have selected ALL of the service excellence behaviors listed to describe your impact on the Young Mom's Clinic feeding group project - and still have room for more! I can't begin to thank you enough for your support, encouragement, time, hard work." - Nancy Maune

Lina Patel, PsyD​ Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences: "I want to recognize you for the excellent work you do for the Sie Center for Down Syndrome program. I am impressed with your clinical expertise, how you help patients and their families and for your commitment to doing clinical research and publications. In particular, congratulations on your most recent publication - Behavioral Characteristics of Individuals with Down Syndrome - and all of the hard work you did to achieve this accomplishment. This work will be a huge contribution to families and professionals. Thank you for all that you do to advance clinical practices for individuals with Down Syndrome!" - Patricia Winders

AnnaMaria Salas, PA-C​ Pediatric Surgery: "Several months ago now, AnnaMaria and I shared a patient on the 6th floor. During this time, it was a period of "waiting to see" if interventions would be effective to allow the patient's GI tract to progress towards baseline. With an anxious family over a weekend, I as the bedside nurse didn't have a lot of new information for them, but know that a word from their provider could ease their concerns. AnnaMaria was very prompt to come to the bedside when requested, beyond her typical rounding on her assigned patients. I know that the family appreciated the attention and reassurance that things were being monitored and more or less going the direction we needed them to be. Thank you, AnnaMaria for being supportive of the RN staff by doing this and knowing how far your visits with the patients and their families can go to make them feel heard and well-cared for." - Bradley Shelley 

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