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    Top Research Achievements of 2019

    Dec 19, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in December announced that the top research achievements of 2019 include an investigation led by CU faculty members. The work by Robert Freedman, MD, professor and former chair of psychiatry, M. Camille Hoffman, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the division of maternal fetal medicine, and seven other CU faculty members found that during pregnancy, the presence of adequate levels of the nutrient choline in the mother’s system has a protective role in the development of the fetal brain and on behavior in children following birth. The results of the study are described in an article published in May 2019 in The Journal of Pedicatrics. The Brain & Behavior Research Foundaiton is the world’s largest private funder of mental health research grants and has awarded more than $408 million to more than 4,800 scientists around the world.
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  • Michael Allen2

    988 national suicide prevention hotline one step closer to reality

    Dec 23, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    Michael Allen, a professor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, has been working on the idea with stakeholders nationwide for years. “Part of the desire is not just to create a simpler number but to develop a better system,” Allen told FOX31. Fox31, Dec. 12, 2019
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  • Christian Hopfer2

    How a Colorado Couple Quit Booze and Found New Highs in the Mountains

    Dec 23, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    While it might seem as if the Kirks are trading one addiction for another, Christian Hopfer, a substance abuse expert at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, says it’s good they’ve found healthy habits to replace time spent drinking. “When people quit using [drugs or alcohol], they often find they have a lot of time on their hands,” Hopfer says. “You have to fill it doing something else, and it has to be rewarding.” 5280, December 2019
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  • Audrey Dumas

    Thousands go to emergency rooms for mental health help in Colorado

    Dec 23, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    Emergency doctors at Denver Health have noticed the age of their patients has been dropping over the last six months. Audrey Dumas, who works in the Psychiatric Emergency Department at Denver Health [and is assistant professor of psychiatry at CU School of Medicine], said they’re seeing children come through the hospital emergency doors every day. 9News, Dec. 4, 2019
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  • Jason Williams

    About 1 in 4 mental-health ER visits in Colorado are by children, new data shows

    Dec 20, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    In 2018, Children’s Hospital saw the most psychiatric emergency visits — about 4,100 — in a 10-year period. However the number has decreased slightly, with the facility estimating it will have 3,700 visits this year, said Jason Williams, operations director for the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at the hospital [and associate adjunct professor of psychiatry at CU School of Medicine].
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  • D Tyler Coyle

    CU Anschutz Grant Will Train Students to Prescribe Drugs That Fight Opioid Addiction

    Nov 21, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    As the nation struggles with a persistent epidemic of opioid addiction, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is taking a critical step that will allow its graduates to better treat patients and save lives.
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  • Jay Shore - Copy

    The doctor will Skype you now: Online counseling goes high tech

    Nov 18, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    Jay Shore, director of telemedicine at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, sees native Alaskan patients via video links…. Video consultations are also increasingly being used in emergency medicine. “Most emergency departments are challenged to deal with psychiatric emergencies,” explains Shore.
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  • Helen Coons, PhD

    Everything Women Need to Know About Depression During Pregnancy

    Nov 8, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    The number one risk factor for becoming depressed during pregnancy is having a prior history of depression, Helen L. Coons, psychiatry professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, tells Health.
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  • Neill Epperson

    Dr. Epperson Q & A: the relationship between women's brain health and dementia

    Sep 27, 2019 by CU Anschutz Today
    As part of World Alzheimer’s Month in September, CU Anschutz Today interviewed Neill Epperson, MD, Chair of the CU Department of Psychiatry. In this interview, Dr. Epperson and Kristin O'Neill discuss the relationship between women’s brain health and dementia, in an effort to better understand why Alzheimer’s affects women more than men, and what, if any, preventative strategies women can use to protect themselves against the onset of dementia.
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  • Colorado Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology

    Call for Articles: Colorado Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology

    Sep 27, 2019 by Department of Psychiatry
    The Colorado Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology is now seeking contributions for issues in 2020. Past issues have been topical but each future issue will include a variety of articles of general interest.
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    UCHealth's Integrated Transgender Program is a 2019 One Colorado Ally Award recipient

    Sep 23, 2019 by One Colorado
    Integrated care clinic enables transgender patients to see all of their providers in the same visit.
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    Local Foundations Band Together to Expand Childhood Mental Health Workforce

    Sep 12, 2019 by CU Office of Advancement
    Five Colorado-based philanthropic funders came together in a tremendous effort to address the state’s workforce shortage related to infant and early childhood mental health.
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    UCHealth dedicates more than $100 million for behavioral health care

    Sep 4, 2019 by Office of the Chancellor
    Earlier today, UCHealth announced a significant investment that will bolster behavioral health care for patients throughout our state.
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  • Dr. Sarah Burgamy APA Citizen Psychologist Award

    Dr. Sarah Burgamy APA Citizen Psychologist Award

    Sep 3, 2019 by Colorado Psychological Association
    Congratulations Sarah Burgamy on receiving the inaugural Dr. Sarah Burgamy APA Citizen Psychologist Award!
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  • The Best of Us: Jon

    The Best of Us: Jon

    Aug 9, 2019 by The Best of Us
    Jon Blank underwent deep brain stimulation to help control his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Today, he’s reaching new heights on his snowboard, earning his master’s degree and feeling happiness for the first time in years. Watch Jon’s journey and subscribe to the Best of Us channel to see more extraordinary stories.
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  • The Importance of Mental Health Healing – Bruce Gordon's Story

    The Importance of the Mental Side of Healing

    Jul 10, 2019 by CU Anschutz Today
    Bruce Gordon was in incredible shape. Suddenly he was sweating and had tightness in his chest. He couldn't believe he was having a heart attack. Something Bruce had always feared would happen. After his experience, he now understands the importance of taking care of your mental health as much as your physical health.
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  • Crowley_BrewsterGalaINS2

    Inspirational story highlights Friends of the Haven gala

    Jul 2, 2019 by CU Anschutz Today
    A hugely successful annual gala put the focus on the Friends of the Haven, with proceeds going to support unfunded programs and services at the Haven and Baby Haven. The programs are located within the Addiction Research & Treatment Services (ARTS) organization in the Department of Psychiatry, CU School of Medicine. A crowd of 229 guests, including more than 100 new supporters, attended the springtime event at CU South Denver in Lone Tree. The gala raised $177,000 – the most in the event’s history.
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  • Neuropsychiatric Special care unit accepting Target Zero Award

    Neuropsychiatric Special Care Unit Wins First-Ever We Are Target Zero Award

    Jun 6, 2019 by Children's Hospital of Colorado
    The Neuropsychiatric Special Care (NSC) Unit used to experience an OSHA-recordable team member injury every 20 days. Learn how they increased the time between OSHA-recordable events by 2,900% — all while reducing the amount of time patients in the unit spend in restraints by 408%. That success earned them the first-ever We Are Target Zero Award.
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