About Us 

The START Center Clinic is dedicated to providing optimal treatment for people of all ages suffering from the effects of loss, trauma, chronic stress and adversity. We understand the issues that arise from these experiences as psychological injuries that with the right interventions can be healed. These injuries cause a range of difficulties such as mood, sleep, relationships and occupational functioning, and many will suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Anger as well as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  We offer a range of treatments that have demonstrated effectiveness and will work with you to develop a plan that fits your particular needs of situation. Whenever possible we encourage the involvement of family and important supports in treatment, as these should hasten one’s recovery.

We collaborate with multiple programs at CU and in the community, and advocate for a trauma informed approach. We are dedicated to research that focuses on developing the best treatments and intervention models as well as the best system approaches to prevent improve responses to those exposed stressful and overwhelming events. We also collaborate with others on the basic biology of stress and the translation of these findings into practice.


Our Mission

Trauma is pervasive and impacts how we thrive as individuals, families, communities, and systems.  Our mission is to inspire and support the prevention and healing of stress and traumatic injuries that impact all domains of life.  We recognize that trauma comes in many forms and is inherent in all systems of oppression. We believe that in order to recognize, understand and treat trauma, we must also identify, address, and end injustice.  As a center of excellence for trauma treatment, training, research, and advocacy, we commit to preventing and treating trauma in all forms, from the interpersonal to the systemic, and will partner with those seeking to eliminate all sources of traumatic injury, including those stemming from racism and other forms of systemic oppression. 

Our Vision 

We intend be a leader in the recognition of Trauma as central to all aspects in society’s ills and are dedicating to intervening to decrease the ubiquity of Traumatic experiences and injury from any cause. 

  • Trauma and adversity are part of the human condition
  • Help people to manage and cope with that human condition more effectively


START Center

Stress, Trauma, Adversity Research, and Treatment 

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