PURPLE Student Outcomes

Over the last five years, 46 students recruited from Colorado and the greater United States have completed the program. A few highlights of the outcomes:

  • 30% of students became part-time or full-time employees of the department
  • 79% subsequently gained employment
  • 58% stay in mental health fields
  • 25% were accepted into graduate programs
  • 93% of students reported the program was helpful for their career
  • 100% reported they would recommend the program to others

What Our Students Are Saying

"The most meaningful experience I had was working with Dr. Sarah Kennedy at the Children's
Hospital. I was allowed to sit in and explore the partial hospitalization program as the patients
received transdiagnostic treatment. Being able to see the improvements and acceptability of
the patients gave me hope and determination. I was thrilled to see how much positive can
come out of research and clinical psychology. It really gave me perspective on what I want to
be doing moving forward in my career.”

"Please keep the program going! Thank you for the mentorship and the opportunities you guys have provided me!"

"This is an amazing program that challenges you to think critically and allows you to put the skills you've been learning in school into action."

"I loved this program! I wouldn't be where I am right now without it. Thank you Emmaly and Merlin!!"

"The mentors and directors of this program did an amazing job of preparing the PURPLE participants for their professional careers"

"Thank you to everyone at PURPLE and at the PMHI - the work you do inspires me and guides me in my own career path :)"

"The mentors and directors of this program were amazing and helped all the participants to feel confident in pursuing their future careers!"

"Thank you to Emmaly, Merlin, and [mentor name excluded for confidential reasons]. I wouldn't have been able to have this invaluable experience without their support and encouragement."

For a more in-depth outcomes report, please check out the document below!

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