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Goal Area: Financial Sustainability 



The financial sustainability goal focuses on making department programs as financially sustainable as possible by diversifying funding sources, reducing unnecessary expense, and working to achieve parity for mental health care.


  • Education – Educate providers about effective and appropriate billing and coding, provide individual audit, feedback, and educational tools.
  • Advocacy – Participate and support advocacy for mental healthcare payment reform, appropriate reimbursement and reimbursement or contract models for unlicensed trainees.
  • Contracting and Funding Diversification – Pursue higher revenue streams, new lines of business with the state, grants from diverse sources, contracts with Medicaid RAE’s, adding codes and services to existing contracts.
  • Enforcement – Employ legal support to advocate for parity, challenge denials, fight for medically necessary mental health services and liaise with the Division of Insurance and Department of Labor.

Major Initiatives

Committee Chair: Melissa Sinclair

Additional Goal Areas



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