About TMS

CU School of Medicine Community Practice offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), an FDA approved, safe and effective treatment for psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety associated with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). TMS works by using MRI strength magnetic pulses to stimulate specific regions of the brain. It is an outpatient procedure that does not affect cognition so patients can leave the session without assistance and immediately resume their daily activities. 

TMS is typically recommended when other treatments, such as medications and psychotherapy, have not been helpful. Approximately 50-60% of people with medication resistant depression will experience a clinically meaningful response with 20-30% reaching full remission, meaning complete resolution of symptoms. Since TMS does not involve the use of psychiatric medications, it is also considered in individuals who have difficulties tolerating antidepressants due to side effects. 


The TMS Clinic is located on the 5th floor of the Anschutz Health Sciences Building. Patients will check in at the Johnson Depression Center.

TMS Clinical Team

TMS Psychiatrists: 

Elizabeth Fenstermacher, MD 

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 

Medical Director, TMS Clinic

Joseph Sakai, MD 

Associate Professor of Psychiatry - Division of Addiction Science, Prevention & Treatment

Director of Medical Student Education, Department of Psychiatry


Rachel Davis, MD 

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs and Strategy

Service Director, Psychiatric Neuromodulation

Medical Director, OCD Program and Co-director, OCD Surgical Program


Andrew Novick, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry – Center for Women's Behavioral Health and Wellness


Chris Schneck, MD 

Professor, Psychiatry - Adult Psychiatry

Division Director, Adult Psychiatry

Medical Director, Helen and Arthur E Johnson Depression Center

Behavioral Health Director, UCH IDGP/HIV Clinic


Heather Murray, MD, MPH 

Senior Instructor in Psychiatry – Consult-Liaison Psychiatry




TMS Technicians:

Sharonya Battula
Christine Dimino




Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Clinic 

Psychiatry (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Health Sciences Building

1890 N Revere Ct

Suite 4003

Mail Stop F546

Aurora, CO 80045


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