group therapy

Group Therapy

Available to all AMC students, residents, and fellows.

For those who are interested in or prefer a group setting, we offer groups for AMC enrolled students and GME/DH residents and fellows.  See below for additional information about each group. 


ADHD Skills Based Group

This group provides students and residents with strategies to minimize the impact of attention problems while they pursue their academic and career goals.

Meetings are held Fridays, 12 noon - 1 p.m., Fitzsimons Building, Rm. E2305 (2nd floor, east hallway).

Please contact Dr. Rosenthal at 303-724-9637 to schedule a screening for this group.


OCD Support Group

This group will have a cognitive behavioral focus format:

The Question (discussion of a topic related to OCD)

Goal Planning (members set a goal to accomplish during the next week)

Led by Rachel Davis, MD.

Meetings are held Mondays, 12 noon - 1:30 p.m., Fitzsimons Building, Rm. E2305 (2nd floor, east hallway).

Call 303-724-4716 or email Dr. Davis to RSVP and verify insurance coverage.


 "Insights" - group psychotherapy for students 

What is it?

Group psychotherapy is a weekly group intended to promote self-awareness of how one manages emotional situations and identifying relational patterns. "Insights" group is a relatively unstructured group in which members of the group will perform the majority of talking, while the facilitators moderate when needed. The group can complement individual therapy or serve as the main treatment. 

Who would benefit from this group?

Anyone who would like to take part in a group that  offers a supportive safe  environment and a sense of camaraderie in which to share emotional struggles and connect with others who may share similar experiences. 

Anyone who would like to understand their relational patterns within a group setting. 

What is the commitment?

Group members are expected to attend all weekly meetings (with exceptions due to illness, the occasional scheduling conflict, exams, etc.).  

Contact Noa Heiman if interested:



Graduate Student Support Group

Graduate school can be hard, come talk about it! Introducing the graduate student support group, exclusive to individuals enrolled in a PhD program. Come process your experiences, meet some colleagues, and snag a free muffin with your coffee. Meets Thursday mornings at 8 am beginning September 5, 2019.

Location: Fitzsimons Building, Room #E2305 (2nd floor, east hallway)

Contact John Whittier if interested: