Connections Program for High-Risk Infants and Families

Having a baby with medical complications can be an incredibly stressful and even traumatic experience for parents.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression are common. These mental health challenges, as well as prolonged NICU stays, can make it difficult for parents to bond with their infants and engage in the types of interactions that foster optimal development.

We promote optimal long-term developmental, behavioral, and medical outcomes of the baby and address the challenges that parents face when they have a baby with medical complications.

From conception through kindergarten, we serve women with high-risk pregnancies who have an unborn baby with medical complications, parents of newborn babies with medical complications (particularly those who have prolonged stays in the NICU), parents coping with the loss of a baby, as well as babies and young children born with medical complications.

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Our program offers high-quality clinical services that focus on promoting healthy coping and positive parent-infant interactions for parents with high-risk infants. 

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Psychiatry (SOM)

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