How to Set Up a Study


  1. Submit your completed Research Application with a copy of the approved COMIRB and/or other IRB protocol summary and consent form(s) to


  1. Once you are notified the study has been approved, you will need to schedule time on the scanner to test your protocol. Scheduling is done online using webmail. Please allow 1.5 hours for the first session. This will be free of charge.


  1. All researchers running participants at the Brain Imaging Center need to watch a MR Safety Video and complete Safety Certification. MRI safety training class is offered once a month. Please contact to get information on the next class.


  1. All potential participants need to be screened for any metal implants. If you are not meeting with the participant prior to their MR appointment, a verbal screening over the phone is acceptable (they will be asked to fill out the form when they arrive). On the screening form, anything in 'bold' letters is considered a contraindication for an MRI at the Brain Imaging Center. Having a previous MRI does not automatically qualify them for scanning at the Brain Imaging Center.


  1. Fill out the Billing Authorization form with the appropriate speed type# or method of payment to


  1. Set up a method to transfer images. Most of the researchers set up a DICOM server so images can be sent to their computers. If you do not have access to one, the data can be put on a CD or DVD. We only guarantee storage for one year. It is the responsibility of a researcher to manage their data/images after MRI scans are performed.


  1. Researchers are renting scanner time, which includes an MR technologist to run the scanner. The researcher is responsible for running their experiments, which includes scheduling appropriate time on the scanner, greeting their participant (there is not a receptionist), explaining the procedure, getting informed consents and setting up any special equipment. Please be familiar with the operation of any equipment needed for your experiment including the goggles, headphones, and/or response pads. The technologist is responsible for screening the participants for potential contraindications for the MRI, selecting the correct coils, monitoring equipment, scan parameters and positioning the participant in the scanner.


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