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Goal Area: Continuum of Care


The continuum of care goal is to build, enhance, and evaluate services to ensure the continuum of care across the lifespan, settings, and health–illness experience.


  • Step-up and Step-down – Provide expanded levels of service (e.g., Intensive Outpatient Programs).
  • Substance Use - Provide increased and equitable access to substance use treatment.
  • Trauma - Strengthen ability to treat patients with complex trauma from a culturally informed perspective.
  • Decrease Disparities - Increase access and decrease mental health disparities among racial/ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities.
  • Integrated Care - Expand and enhance the availability of integrated care.
  • Specialty Clinics - Continue to develop specialty clinics.

Major Initiatives

Committee Chair: Chris Schneck

Additional Goal Areas



Psychiatry (SOM)

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