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Goal Area: Outcomes


The outcomes goal is to provide measurement-based behavioral health care that demonstrably leads to improved patient outcomes. As an academic leader, we are committed to modeling and inspiring the highest standard of care throughout the state and region.


  • Data Collection - Develop a systematic approach to data collection (both qualitative and quantitative), including biometric data, from most, if not all, patient encounters.
  • Ingest and Interpret – Create the capacity to ingest and interpret this data, presenting appropriate and actionable results to providers.
  • Disseminate - Emphasize and disseminate outcomes-based research that allows the department to develop and demonstrate the highest standard of care across all its programs.
  • Accelerate - Accelerate the implementation gap between research findings and practice.

Major Initiatives

Committee Chair: Allison Dempsey

Additional Goal Areas



Psychiatry (SOM)

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