One of the primary goals of RM-CRC is to serve as a resource for scientists, trainees, and consumers of science. Part of the mission of the RM-CRC is to award pilot research grants (up to $50,000) to faculty every year. Another priority is to support the training of individuals from under represented groups.  Finally, the RM-CRC will support the local and national scientific community by providing access to large datasets on biomarkers and clinical measures.

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Trainee Spotlight 

RM-CRC Trainee: Margy Chen 

Academic Title: Graduate Student

Affiliation: University of Colorado-Boulder, Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience 

Bio: "From my early academic years at Emory University, my passion for exploring the intricate dynamics of substance use among young adults has been a guiding force in my research journey. However, it was a deeply personal experience that ignited my interest in cannabis research. Having witnessed the challenges my grandmother faced with Alzheimer's, I wish to examine the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis products, and explore avenues that may alleviate symptoms and enhance the quality of life for those grappling with neurological conditions. This intersection of personal experience and academic curiosity has fueled my commitment to advancing our understanding of cannabis and cannabinoids, with a focus on their potential impacts on health and well-being."

Margy Chen

CU-Boulder Graduate Student

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Rocky Mountain Cannabis Research Center (RM-CRC)



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The RM-CRC is located on the 5th floor of the Anschutz Health Sciences Building.  

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