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Psychiatric InterestsPersonal Interests

Aaronson, Alec-web

Alec Aaronson, DO

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-New York
Addiction Psychiatry and Therapy; Public Health Issues and Social Determinants of Health
Playing Guitar, Cooking, and Hiking with my Dog

Chamberlain, Mike-web

Mike Chamberlain, MD

University of Chicago, The Pritzker School of Medicine
General adult inpatient psychiatry, especially bipolar disorder and psychosisI enjoy hiking and running as well as performing improv comedy

Dillon, John-printJohn Dillon, MD

Weill Cornell MedicineConsult Liaison, Inpatient psychiatry, addiction psychiatryI enjoy spending time writing, kayaking, playing tennis, and playing board games with family.

Elms, Lucas-web

Lucas Elms, DO

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Very broad, I am still figuring out exactly what I want to do. I am interested in Child and Adolescent.I enjoy running and riding my road bike (I live near Cherry Creek state park and have easy access!). I'm also a big fan of dad rock, Trailer Park Boys, Star Trek (or anything science fiction), board game nights, and checking out new things in Denver.

Flahive, Shannon-web

Shannon Flahive, DO

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
I am interested in child adolescent psychiatry with a particular interest in eating disorders and mindfulness based therapiesI love spending time outdoors, hiking, running, practicing yoga, or trying the newest trendy fitness class.  I unwind by cooking for the people I love, listening to Gregory Alan Isakov & Bon Iver, and sipping a glass of Cabernet.  Other interests include poetry, expressive writing, & interior design.  My favorite hobbies, however, include dance parties & weddings.

Gadbaw, Jake-web

Jake Gadbaw, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Functional Neurologic Disorders, and Clinical Research
I love all things mountains, Eating good food, Playing with my pup, and discovering Denver's growing arts scene

Johnson, Ben-web

Ben Johnson, DO

A.T. Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Keffler, Carrie-web

Carrie Keffler, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Integrating neuroscience into the daily practice of psychiatry - formulation and treatment; Reducing stigma through enhanced understanding of the full biopsychosocial picture; Psychotherapy and its different modalities
Traveling, Hiking, reading, book club, Discovering new restaurants and Connecting with friends over a great meal

Lee, Jeffrey-web

Jeffrey Lee, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, watching NetFlix, and discovering new restaurants.

Perez, Mario-web

Mario Perez, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Addiction Psychiatry
Spending time with my family, card games, trivia, and traveling

Scarborough, Hannah-web

Hannah Scarborough, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Sklar, Brandon-web

Brandon Sklar, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Improving mental health systems of care, various therapy modalities, expanding telehealth presence for rural areas, researching alternatives for treatment-resistant depression/anxiety

Sendin' it (skiing too fast), ultimate frisbee, fantasizing about finally getting *really* into tennis, camping and hiking up tall-ish mountains, streaming video games for strangers to watch on the internet, playing in poker tournaments

Veligati, Sirish-web

Sirish Veligati, MD

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy skills, machine learning research applications, and novel treatments like psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and ketamine use for depression
I like chillin with my cat, Ember, while playing video games with friends or watching cartoons. Some of my hobbies include woodworking, craft-making, playing with my guitar, and archery, to name a few.


ResidentMedical School
Psychiatric Interests
Personal Interests

Bohr, Matt-print

Matthew Bohr, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Addiction, Forensics, Geriatric, Ketamine, ECT

Paintball, Casual Biking, 90s Music, Kayaking, Running

Davis, Kelly-print

Kelly Davis, DO

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Women’s Mental Health, Perinatal Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent

My Dog, Skiing on Bluebird Days, Prime Time Soap Operas, College Football

Downey, Stephen-web

Stephen Downey, MD

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Psychotherapy, Integrative/Holistic Psychiatry, Religion/Spirituality

Reading, Music, Dogs

Froude, Richard-print

Richard Froude, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Psychotherapy, Psychosis in Creativity, Suicide PreventionWriting, Reading, Art, Food, Shooting Pool, 90s Pro Wrestling, The History of Cricket, HBO

Johnson, Andrea-print

Andrea Johnson, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston

Child/Adolescent, Women’s Mental Health, Reproductive Psychiatry, Advocacy and Public Health

Being Outdoors, Family/Friends, My Dogs, Trying New Food

Kemp, Kyle-web

Kyle Kemp, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Child/Adolescent, LGBT Health,

Cross-Cultural Psychiatry

Being Outdoors, Being with Friends, Singing, Lifting Weights

Lintz, Mario-web

Mario Lintz, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Child/Adolescent, Substance use, School Based MH, Advocacy and Policy ReformFamily/Friends, Playing with my Kids, Outdoorsy Stuff, Trying New Restaurants, Movie Nights

Mauch, Rose-print

Rose Mauch, MD

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Child/Adolescent, TraumaPlanning spontaneous trips, hiking, yoga, cooking, reading, taking on knitting projects far beyond my abilities

Riedford, David-web

David Riedford, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Inpatient, Neuropsychiatry

Music performance/composition, hiking/skiing/mountain biking, cognitive films

Robertson, Chris-print

Chris Robertson, MD

University of Colorado School of MedicineChild/Adolescent, Student Mental HealthPoodles, Cooking, Writing, Guitar, Poodles (again)

Salamander, Rakel-web

Rakel Salamander, MD

University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine

Consult-Liaison, Women’s MH, Integrated Care

Mountain time with my Labrador, British TV Period Dramas, Hip Hop, Crafts

Sanderson, Caroline-print

Caroline Sanderson, MD

University of Iowa RJ & L Carver College of Medicine
Child and Adolescent psychiatry, Community Psychiatry, Cross-cultural psychiatry, Integrative psychiatry, Perinatal Psychaitry and Women's Mental Health, and Telepsychiatry
Mabel! (my daughter), G&Ts on the patio, Guitar, Homemade Soup, Thrifting, 90s Shoegaze/Dreampop

Tsoi, Lexi-web

Lexi Hill, MD

University of Colorado School of MedicineTrauma, Psychotherapy, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Taking my cats for walks, cooking, snowboarding, and trying to understand human anthropology via Aristotle and Aquinas. 
Resident Medical School
Psychiatric InterestsPersonal Interests
Baird, Kyle-webKyle Baird, DO
AT Still University of Health Science, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksv'e

Consult-Liaison, Integrated Care

Hiking, Binge consuming Political News, Exploring New Restaurants, Travel

Benitez, Ellie-print

Ellie Benitez, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Child/Adolescent, School-based MH, Infant MH, Peripartum Psychiatry

Spending time with my husband and kids, Traveling, Being at the Beach!

Bharucha, Neza-web

Neza Bharucha, MD

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Child/Adolescent, Psychotherapy, Inpatient

My Two Girls, Boot Camp Classes, Skiing, and Cooking

Christie, Bill-web

Bill Christie, MD

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Child/Adolescent, Psychosomatic, School-based MH, ECT

Skiing, Binge Eating, Pittsburgh Sports, Travel, Reefs, Houseplants, "Sending It" (Skiing at a fast speed)

Demko, Zach-web

Zach Demko, MD

Florida International University, College of Medicine
Psychotherapy, Child/Adolescent, Emergency PsychiatryGuitar/Songwriting, Video Games, Hockey, Dungeons and Dragons

Jasper, Kyle-web

Kyle Jasper, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Rural psychiatry, C/L psychiatry, Primary care integrationHiking, trail-running, cycling, maps, CSPAN

Katz, Mark-web

Mark Katz, MD

Baylor College of Medicine
Adult outpatient, Psychotherapy, PESBackpacking, hiking, weight lifting, reading

Monsivais, Suzanne-web

Suzanne Monsivais, MD

Baylor College of Medicine
Child/adolescent, psychotherapy, speaking ill of the dsmhiking, backpacking, playing with my cats

Resczenski, Jim-web

Jim Resczenski, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Child/Adolescent, psychotherapy
Hiking, my dog, gardening, campfires, childhood video games

Shah, Ronil-web

Ronil Shah, MD

Texas Tech University Hsc, School of Medicine
Psychotherapy, telepsychiatry, inpatient, ECTSpeaking foreign languages, scouting out hipster cafes & wearing eccentric clothes

White, Drew-web

Drew White, MD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Community and integrated care; therapy; maybe cap?Mountains, my dog, gardening, high school level literature, and chickens

Whittier, John-web

John Whittier, MD

University of Vermont College of Medicine
Depression, psychotherapy, ECT, outpatient/integrative careRacquetball, home improvement, and game
ResidentMedical SchoolPsychiatric InterestsPersonal Interests

Brown, David-web

David Brown, DO

Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic MedicinePsychotherapy, Student Mental Health, Conversion Disorder, Non-Epileptic SeizuresPhotography, Hiking/Backpacking, Blues Dancing, Board Games

Hudish, Tyler-web

Tyler Hudish, MD

University of Colorado School of MedicineAdult Outpatient, Bipolar Disorder, Psychotherapy, TelepsychSailing, Piano, Mt Biking, Kayaking, Salt Water Fish Tanks

James, Chris-web

Chris James, MD

University of Texas Medical School at HoustonForensics, Adult Inpatient, Policy-Making, EthicsBoard games, Film, Soccer, Fantasy Football, Cooking, Gardening, Writing

Montano, Aaron-print

Aaron Montano, MD

University of Colorado School of MedicineCommunity and Rural Mental Health, Co-occurring Disorders and Conversion Disorders as well as PsychotherapyPersonal interests are largely focused around my children and include geocaching, camping, hiking and D&D.  I also dabble as a permanent neophyte in music and various other means of artistic expression

Murray, Heather-web

Heather Murray, MD

Emory University School of MedicinePhysiological mechanisms behind psychiatric disorders and their treatments as well as how policy and public health interventions affect mental health outcomesFriends and family, long hikes, board games, attending festivals like jazz in the park, attending free comedy shows, trying new restaurants and breweries, and murder mystery dinner parties

Tran, Alyssa-web

Alyssa Tran, DO

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic MedicineConsults, forensics, first responder mental health, resident mental healthCars, motorcycles; photography, shopping (especially clearance), shoes, nail polish, super nintendo, nintendo 64, moonlighting at Pho-natic, family, and learning vietnamese

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